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On the Podcast: Focus


As we survey our audience year over year, the idea of distraction and the struggle to focus comes up as one of the greatest challenges to our prayer lives. So as we begin this podcast, we knew it was important to start here, talking all about FOCUS.

Missed our introduction episode to Prayer in a Noisy World?  Click here to listen to Val’s vision of what we hope this podcast will be!

EP. 01 – focus in prayer with phylicia masonheimer

Phylicia Masonheimer is an bestselling author and podcast host teaching Christians how to know what they believe and live it boldly. She holds a degree in religion from Liberty University and lives in northern Michigan with her husband and three kids.

She’s also one of the most focused gals Val knows! Hear about Phylicia’s prayer routine, biggest prayer obstacles and how she finds focus in prayer.

Phy’s website | Phy’s weekly newsletter, Conlectio (one of Val’s favorite newsletters she subscribes to!) | Phy on Instagram

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EP. 02 – how to improve your focus in prayer

Distractions are single-handedly sabotaging our prayer lives. Is there anything we can do about it? In this episode Val talks about 14 (yes 14!) ways to improve your focus. She shares 8 ways that improve our general attention span (#7 is surprising, but takes less than a few seconds) and 6 more ways specifically relating to prayer!

Things mentioned in today’s episode:

Give it a listen and let us know which 2-3 you’ll be trying this week in the comments below!!

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We all want focus in prayer but what if we PRAYED for it? Here’s a simple and quick prayer to get you started.

  • Recognize what’s distracting you
  • Fixate on God’s magnificence
  • Remember our neediness before the Lord
  • Stay aware of God’s presence

Rinse and repeat as needed to find more focus as you pray.

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