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On the Podcast: Health Anxiety


Have you ever let health worries overwhelm you with anxiety? Have all those what-ifs left your heart and mind racing? Listen to this week’s episode to learn how to trade your anxiety for peace!

Ep. 58: Health Anxiety with Jaime Hampton

Jaime lives in Southcentral Alaska with her husband, three children, one black lab and two lizards.

She is an award-winning Christian author as well as the content producer and co-host of the Praying Christian Women podcast. You’ll often find her camping with family and friends during the fleeting Alaskan summer, while winters are spent as a full-time hockey mom of three.

Jaime enjoys roasting and drinking coffee, and is attempting to become an expert at latte art (it’s not as easy as it looks!). She enjoys listening to audio books or podcasts while doing housework, but otherwise cannot multi-task to save her life.

Highlights from today’s episode:

  • 2:30 Jaime’s current prayer routine
  • 5:15 How Jaime prays
  • 8:30 What is health anxiety?
  • 16:15 How prayer impacted her health anxiety
  • 23:20 Where Jaime is at now with her journey
  • 29:00 A starting place when anxious about health
  • 38:00 The biggest obstacles in Jaime’s prayer life
  • 44:00 How Jaime longs to grow in her prayer life

Things mentioned in today’s episode:

Jaime’s article on health anxiety

Praying Christian Women podcast

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Ep. 59: How to Pray through Health Anxiety

Health anxiety can feel as common as breathing. Underneath every new sensation in the body is the question, “Could that be serious?” There’s no twitch, sharp pain or symptom that doesn’t cause a bit of uneasiness if only under the surface. It’s hard to be naturally joyful when that headache feels “different” today like it could be a brain aneurysm or something else serious. It’s hard to be optimistic when you feel like a magnetic charge is pulling you to every disease or disorder.

The Lord has taken me on an incredible journey through health anxiety. I’ve conquered many of the things that used to stress me out, like that side pain that lasts a few days, or the blurry vision that’s just a result of a dry contact. I’ve graduated to a new level of learning to trust God through longer term health issues that seem to have no concrete explanation.

Today, I wanted to share how I pray for health anxiety in hopes it will help you too, but I also hope what I share will help those who know someone with it so I can maybe put into words this struggle.

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