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On the Podcast: The Mind


So often we feel at the mercy of our minds. Whether we’re dealing with feelings of anxiety, depression or the stresses of daily life, it’s not easy to keep a sound mind in today’s world. However, God has given us the power to do so! This week, we’re sitting down with a NeuroCoach to explore how we can take our thoughts captive, developing our own biblical affirmation practice, and asking the Lord to guide us in our journey as we process our thoughts and emotions.

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Ep. 31: The Mind with alicia michelle

In this episode, we talk with NeuroCoach and Bible teacher, Alicia Michelle about how the science of the mind plays a vital role in our prayer lives. She introduces us to what brain priming is, how it differs from affirmations, and how we can use it to embrace and live out God’s truth in our lives. Alicia also gives us a glimpse into her personal prayer routine and how she’s seen God work through prayer in her own life.

Alicia Michelle is a certified NeuroCoach™, Bible teacher, speaker and host of the Vibrant Christian Living Podcast and YouTube Show. More importantly, she’s a lover of Jesus, a wife of 20 years to her best friend, and mom of four amazing kids ages 18 to 9. Alicia struggled with overthinking, negative thoughts and “being enough” for most of her adult life until God radically transformed her heart after a life-threatening medical crisis. Now through her signature courses and coaching programs she loves equipping women with practical, scientific and biblically-based mindset tools to help them overcome negative thought patterns and discover more confident, joyful lives in Christ.

 Alicia’s Podcast | Alicia’s Website | Alicia’s Instagram

Some highlights from today’s episode:

  • 7:00 The difference between brain priming and affirmations
  • 21:30 An exercise to start changing your mind today
  • 28:50 How our Christian faith intersects with the health of our mind
  • 35:20 A story of one of Alicia’s biggest answered prayers
  • 43:00 How Alicia wants to grow in her own prayer life

Things mentioned in today’s episode:

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Ep. 32: How To Create biblical affirmations

There are some truths I hear that I think, I KNOW that, but if I actually lived constantly aware of it, my life would be vastly different. Things like if I remembered God’s purpose for marriage, I would choose to serve my husband instead of nit-pick. If I remembered that God has called me to be an ambassador for my kids, I would take time to address the heart and not just change the behavior.

Truth really does have the power to steer our days in a completely different direction so taking a deeper look at the words we speak to ourselves makes sense but to be honest, this topic feels like it’s been a little hijacked by self-help experts. In today’s episode we’re taking a look at affirmations from a biblical perspective by defining what they are and exploring how we can create our own!

Things mentioned in today’s episode:


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Ep. 33: A Prayer for A Sound mind

God has given us power over our thoughts. Throughout Scripture, He implores us to be alert and of sound mind because 1) it’s possible and 2) it’s powerful.

Here is a guided prayer to get you started:

  • Praise God that a renewed mind is possible.
  • Confess thoughts that have led to destruction in the past.
  • Think about what would be possible if you intentionally set your thoughts on truth.
  • Ask God what thoughts are currently sabotaging your sound mind.


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