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Asking Questions


On the Podcast: Theology


What we believe about God determines the way we pray. This week, we’re talking to a Bible teacher about beliefs that might be holding us back from a fruitful prayer life. We’re also switching it up on our solo episode with a little Q&A about whether or not it’s possible to pray (and receive) wrong prayers.

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Ep. 64: Theology with Amy Gannett

Amy Gannett is a writer and Bible teacher passionate about equipping Christians to study the Bible through The Bible Study Schoolhouse. She is also the founder of Tiny Theologians, a line of discipleship tools for children. Amy and her husband, Austin, are church planters in Eastern North Carolina. You can read more from her on her blog and follow her on Instagram.

Amy’s Instagram | Tiny Theologians Website

Highlights from today’s episode:

  • 3:20 Amy’s prayer routine
  • 10:30 How she physically prays
  • 15:30 What is theology?
  • 22:40 How does theology affect how we pray
  • 26:30 Truths we should know about God for prayer
  • 35:00 What room is there for mystery as we pray?
  • 40:00 The biggest “no” Amy’s received
  • 44:45 How prayer was modeled growing up
  • 47:30 How Amy wants to grow in prayer

Things mentioned in today’s episode:

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Ep. 65: Can I pray wrong?

Today, we’re taking a new approach to the solo episodes for the podcast. We’ve done tons of how to’s to practically help prayer happen in your life but now we want to start tackling some questions you might wrestle with about prayer.

So today we’re going to start with asking if we can pray wrong prayers. And if so, does God ever give us what we want even if it’s wrong? And if so, how do we have any confidence coming to God if we fear messing up?


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