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A moment, a day, a life transformed by prayer.

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Podcast: Prayer in a Noisy World


Can a podcast help you pray more? I’m sure you’ve noticed as the years go on, the volume in our world, and honestly even in our heads, feels impossible to quiet down. The God who created you and me, and all of creation, wants a conversation with us. How different would our life be if we were actively engaged in that conversation instead of distracted by everything around us?

So how are we going to help you do that? We are going to use the noise that fills your earbuds to point you to quiet moments with God. Every Monday, we’ll share three new episodes. You’ll get interviews that get you excited for prayer, how-to’s that give you the practical tools, and guided prayers that bring the actual space. This is your off-ramp from the noise when it feels impossible to choose quiet!

If you’re ready to go from distant, unfocused prayer to a prayer life that’s not forced and leads to intimacy with God, joy, peace and clarity, head over to your favorite podcast platform and subscribe to Prayer in a Noisy World with Valerie Woerner.

[TRAILER] Introducing prayer in a noisy world

In this 6 minute trailer, Val expresses her heart behind putting out a podcast on prayer. Hear about the intentions she has for each type of episode and how this podcast can best serve you!

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Jumpstart your day with a few moments of focus with the Lord.

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Quiet your mind and sleep in peace after spending a few moments debriefing the day with God.

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