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Prayer journals for teens


Our face-to-face contact with customers is pretty limited, so those interactions we do get to have stand out big in our minds, like our trip to Spring at the Silos recently. We absolutely love seeing your fingers flipping through our journals, your eyes lighting up as you realize their impact, getting to talk to you about the heart behind them. And some of our sweetest memories from this past trip to Waco, TX are of teens (girls and guys!) getting excited about prayer. We kept having parents turning to us and asking if our prayer journals would work for them and we would gladly respond yes!!

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One of our favorite products to recommend to teens (or anyone new to Val Marie Paper for that matter!) is our Fresh Start Journal. It’s a 31-day devo on prayer that includes one month of our Compose Journal format and is designed to kick-off a lifelong commitment to prayer.

The Fresh Start is such practical way to encourage them to develop the most important relationship in their life. And if they end up loving it, they might want to start using their own Compose Prayer Journal or Men’s Prayer Journal!

You may know that we have a prayer journal just for kids. It’s the same format as the adult version just written in language (pictures included) that they can understand. But after about age 12, we feel that our original prayer journals are totally on track for 13 and up!

Some ideas for gifting VMP to your teen:

  • Write a note on the inside of the front cover encouraging them to pursue the Lord. This may or may not impact them at the time its given, but they will remember it at the right time when they need that extra ounce of motivation to stick close to the Lord.
  • Prep your journals together! How fun would it be to have a family journal prep day or a special coffee date each month all the while instilling the importance of prayer? Val has mentioned that Vivi, only 4, loves to be like mom and grab her prayer journal.
  • If it doesn’t have to be a surprise, let them pick out their own journal. This makes them feel like it’s really theirs and gets them excited about getting it and diving in. We saw this a lot at Spring at the Silos and it was fun to see their enthusiasm as they made their choice.
  • Gift our journals to your youth small group by using the code 3ORMORE or 10ORMORE depending on your size. Just recently, we had a Young Life leader purchase it for her 25 girls. They even planned a morning to set up their journals for the first time together! So sweet!

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Post written by Kara Bryant, Social Manager for Val Marie Paper.

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