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Prayer Journals – Special Orders


Y’all, the response to the prayer journals has been incredible! We’ve had over 100 orders and over 350 journals purchased. The coolest thing about that number is that so many of you have purchased for friends or family! For some reason, this warms my heart so much to see your generosity for those around you. To see this spreading is so fun to witness and all of your sweet comments about the journals have been so encouraging to me and confirmation of this little idea!

Besides making our journals Christmas gifts, several people have asked about getting the prayer journals for large conferences or retreats so I wanted to give a little info about this option! First off, I am floored at the idea of the journal going out to so many people at one time. I think the 6-month undated journal is the perfect option to include in a welcome bag to get attendees started with a more in-depth but practical prayer life.

With that in mind, I really want them to fit the needs of each conference! For orders of 100 or more, you now have the option to customize the product to fit the theme of your event by choosing the color as well as incorporate your logo on the cover. This will be included in the price that is already listed. See details here.

Y’all are probably sick of hearing about how passionate I am about these! It’s a product I’m selling, yes, but more than that, this product is one I’ve prayed for and felt God a part of unlike anything I’ve done. I’m passionate about influencing change. A change of trust instead of worry. A change of going to God instead of going to only our girlfriends. I would LOVE to work with churches who are already in the process of imparting these idea and share these with your community! And giving something that is oh so cute in the process? Well, that’s the cherry on top! ; )

Below are the additional cover color options! Oh the possibilities!


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