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Praying for the World Scares Me


worldandnationMaybe you are like me and have a hard time hearing about places like the Congo or Sudan. It makes me remember that bad stuff happens.

I almost feel as though my acknowledgement of it is inviting those thing to happen to me. Because in my head, it’s like playing peek-a-boo with a child. And I’m the child covering my eyes from the tragedy around us because I think it makes it disappear or atleast not touch me.

The first page of the prayer journal is so important. I’ve mentioned before I am totally guilty of skipping over it when I’m in a rush or simply want to spend my prayer time on “more important-to-me” things.

Then I’m reminded of why I not only included this section, but why I put it first. To remind myself that this world is not about me. To remind myself of how truly blessed I am. I think getting my heart in that position before I turn to the list of things to pray for myself sets my heart up with joy and thanksgiving.

When I pray for my list, in the midst of requests are praises of thanksgiving because I know I’m lucky to be where I am. This morning, after praying for the world, I was loading the dishwasher and thinking how lucky I am. Y’all I HATE loading the dishwasher. Perspective definitely changed this dish-hating heart.

Like many of you who have shared your journey with the journals, one of the biggest results is not only seeing God work in circumstances but moreso in our heart.

So yay! That is all good and awesome but like I said earlier, it’s still scary to pray for these countries. It’s scary to ask God to give these people strength amidst devastating situations when I know if I was in their position, I would be praying (or pleading) for God to make life easier on me. It makes me confront the question of how would I handle this if I were in their shoes? Why am I complaining about the little things in my life? Would I give such a big thing to God? It’s easy to do so far away. I clearly talk to myself a lot and I don’t even have an answer to finish those thoughts. I don’t have a list of reasons why I shouldn’t fear praying those prayers. All I know is that the world needs our prayers. And if they can fight through things much scarier, I can commit to pray for them.

I would love for y’all to share things that need our prayer in our nation and the world. Someone shared praying for suicide. This is just something not on my radar but has been on my heart and mind the last month! Saying a little prayer today for all the requests in all those prayer journals floating around the word. (Almost to 2,000!)

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