Praying Through Pregnancy


If you have heard me talk at all about the prayer journals for even a minute, you know that they were designed during my pregnancy. Being both a hypochondriac and very sensitive to my body, I knew the only way I’d survive pregnancy was through lots of prayer and organizing my bajillion prayer requests was no small task so I designed myself a little organizational tool that you know as the prayer journals. The 9 months became an incredible journey and a time I experience the most growth I’ve ever experienced in my faith.

Today I thought I’d share the list of the things I actually prayed for during the last month before she was due.

labor versesPRAYERS FOR MOM:

  • labor & delivery
  • be a light to nurses and doctors
  • breastfeeding and milk supply
  • sleep and energy
  • postpartum recovery
  • postpartum depression
  • finding quality time with God
  • peace and patience for due date
  • joy during the first two weeks
  • bonding with Tyler
  • flexibility as a mom
  • trust not worry about Vivi
  • fire for the Lord
  • rest before Vivi
  • smooth maternity leave
  • confidence in parenting


  • safe delivery
  • sleep
  • able to breastfeed
  • sweet spirit
  • pleasant baby
  • overall health
  • a light for Jesus
  • future friends
  • future mate
  • future career/passions


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