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The unholified reasons to pre-order Grumpy Mom Takes a Holiday


You’ve likely seen every author who’s ever written a book in the last 10 years (or more?) asking you to pre-order their book. They include hundreds of dollars worth of extras so you know there’s gotta be a big reason we want you to pre-order. Actually lots of reasons for that. Y’all know I’m both all about being really transparent and really valuing my margin and yours too. So I want to tell you the reasons to pre-order the book that most people share and then I’m gonna share a few more because I honestly can’t ask you to pre-order Grumpy Mom Takes a Holiday without being 100% honest with you.

Reasons to pre-order a book by Valerie Woerner | Val Marie Paper, Grumpy Mom Takes a Holiday, motherhood, mom, mama, kids, parenting, MOPS, Bible, prayer, faith, Christian

The most shared reasons:

1. To spread our message further. I’ll get raw in a second with some less than purely wholesome reasons for wanting to pre-order more books but really and truly, the more I talk to moms, the more I know we need this book. We live in a place that is not our home. The world tries to convince us of so many things. I have experienced in my own life and from talking to other moms that the definition the world keeps putting out about motherhood is affecting an entire generation of moms. The idea that the message of Grumpy Mom Takes a Holiday could permeate mom culture excites the heck out of me.

2. Pre-orders determine if bookstores want to carry your book and if so, how many. This means more exposure and more people getting in contact with your book that otherwise wouldn’t.

3. You get bonus items! So I really wrestled with what pre-order incentives should be for Grumpy Mom Takes a Holiday. I’ve only pre-ordered one book knowing I really wanted the pre-order bonus (it was Cozy Minimalist), otherwise, if I pre-order it’s just because I really can’t wait to read the book. And y’all know me for being so efficient, I couldn’t imagine just creating a ton of things I wasn’t positive would be super valuable for you. So for Grumpy Mom Takes a Holiday, we haven’t been shouting pre-order incentives from the rooftop, but here’s what you get when you pre-order:

  • Order Grumpy Mom Takes a Holiday – get the first two chapters right away, the 5-Minute Refresh (a handy PDF guide to each of the 20 lies exposed in Grumpy Mom along with its truth, scripture and pre-written prayer!) and get 25% off our prayer course
  • Order Grumpy Mom Takes a Holiday and Fresh Start for Moms – the first two chapters of Grumpy Mom right away, the 5-Minute Refresh, and get 40% off the prayer course
  • Order 10 or more copies of either book – get the two chapters, the 5-Minute Refresh and the prayer course for FREE!

Email your receipt/s to and you’ll get the first two chapters and the 5-Minute Refresh sent immediately and then you’ll get a one-time use code for the course from Kara shortly after. (FYI – If you pre-ordered the book and got the course at our introductory price and worried you missed out on the coupon code, you actually got our best price with the introductory offer.)

Ok on to the nitty-gritty. Here’s the unholified, meaning, less made to look pretty or less curated, reasons I’d love you to pre-order Grumpy Mom Takes a Holiday:

  • I want the opportunity to write more books. The more books we pre-order, the more book stores will carry the book, the more books sold, the easier it is to have a publisher want to partner with me on my next book. I already have one cooking and to know that I can spend less time selling the idea and more time getting it out sooner is something I’m taking into account now.
  • I want to blow my publisher’s mind. I want my publishers to be blessed royally for taking a chance on me. I’m so grateful for their unending faith in me. And though I know they are proud of me no matter how many we sell, I sure would love for their faith in me and all the time and care they’ve invested of me to be more than worth it financially. We don’t like to talk about money but I want my publishers to profit off the risk they made on me. Speaking of money…
  • I want this to be profitable for my family. My husband sacrificed more for this book than I did because I have seriously loved the book writing and even marketing process. And though I know he’d be proud of me if I sold one copy, I want that time spent away to contribute to our family financially. I also want him to not fear me wanting to write another book. 🙂
  • I want to get on a bestseller list. I’ll tell you, this isn’t my biggest goal. That’s why it’s last but I won’t pretend that seeing my name move up a book ranking wouldn’t be an exciting “first world” goal to accomplish. All pre-order sales are counted as first week sales which means that first week is most authors’ best shot of hitting a bestseller list!

Like I said, it’s a little all over the place and unholified but I couldn’t ask you to you pre-order without sharing completely why I’m hoping you do.

So click the buttons below to pre-order Grumpy Mom and Fresh Start for Moms and tell a friend too! I am so grateful, you have no idea! 🙂

Grumpy Mom Takes a Holiday by Valerie Woerner | motherhood, mom life, mops, women, kids, children, prayer, Christian, faith-filled, practical, tips, how toGrumpy Mom Takes a Holiday by Valerie Woerner | motherhood, mom life, mops, women, kids, children, prayer, Christian, faith-filled, practical, tips, how to

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