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Prepping for 31 Days of Prayer

4.28.2014 • 5 Comments

photoI don’t know about y’all, but ever since I decided to make May a month of prayer in those dead moments (read post here!), now when I’m on my phone during that time, my subconscious is already flinching to say no to it. In fact, last Thursday, I was so sick of how much time I spent on my phone that I deleted instagram from my phone on Friday. It’s so sad that I had to delete it to not be tempted by it, but that’s reality. My friend Lara Casey does this and I was so encouraged when she first mentioned it. First of all, because I’m not the only one who has trouble with this. And secondly, that she did something about it instead of simply accepting that that will always being an issue.

Remember my post on creating habits and breaking bad ones? Add a step for the habits you want to break. Make it harder instead of easier to do. It might just stop you or at least slow you down. Having to re-download it will keep you from “popping on for a quick check.”

And if you are afraid of missing something, don’t be. You can scroll through to see everything you missed if you like. This might take some time, but less time than popping it open throughout the day to see a handful of updates. And you might even realize, it’s ok to not see everything. ; )

Y’all, I truly believe God has something big planned for this month for us! One simple way he showed me is that my friend Kristin Schmucker posted the same day a Scripture challenge for the month of May! You can read the details here. I am going to be reading through Proverbs since it has 31 chapters. I welcome y’all to join me in this too! Filling our minds with truth as we pray is powerful combination.

You don’t need to have the prayer journal to pray. Just have a good list of things to pray for handy. If you would like a prayer journal for the challenge, order before Wednesday and you’ll have a few days after the month starts! And if you are planning to order 5 or more for Mother’s Day or friend gifts or small group, our Easter coupon code (5ORMORE) of $4 off each journal ends Wednesday.

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Comments (5)

[…] I can’t say a lot because my Mom may read this. Maybe I’ll share once it is done! – Participate in 31 Days of Prayer. I recently found this blog and love it! Her posts are so inspirational! I ordered her prayer […]

Happy May Day! So excited and thankful for this focused time of prayer and scripture thanks to yours and Kristin’s inspiration! While I don’t have a prayer journal yet– I recently purchased a journal I need to use before I get another one 😉 –I cannot wait to buy your beautiful creation! I, too, am reading through Proverbs this month. I like to re-read it on the months that have 31 days every now and then. Such wisdom is found in it and I love how the verses speak to me in new ways each time I read it. I pray your month is filled with blessings through your time in prayer and in the Word!

I love how you and Kristin are coming together on this. I guess I should say, how God has perfectly orchestrated y’all to come together on this. I will be joining in through the #lampandlight hashtag, and well as using my prayer journal I received last week. To keep distractions to a minimum, I plan to post my morning devotion pic each day and then delete all social media from my phone after that. I may even need to block it from my computer while I’m at work to so I won’t be tempted to just get on via PC, lol. May God bless everyone who participates in this challenge.