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Rhythms vs Signature Prayer Journals


Our 2024 spiral pre-orders are officially open! We are so excited to share our new collection of Rhythms and Signature Prayer Journals. While the pretty, new colors may draw you in, it’s the monthly prompts and the creation of a consistent prayer habit that we know keep you coming back each year!

In case you’re new to VMP, we’ve been creating prayer journals for the last 10 years.

Feeling overwhelmed with anxious thoughts during her first pregnancy, Val began searching for a journal to help bring focus to her prayer time. When she couldn’t find what she was looking for, she decided to create it! Her original journal is now known as our Compose Prayer Journal and it’s a great first step for anyone looking to find focus and begin a prayer habit. You’ll find these in our shop again on September 6th!

After adding a prayer journal for kids, men and pregnancy, in 2016, Val designed a journal option for people looking to grow even more in their prayer lives. Our Rhythms Prayer Journal provides 12 dated months of prompts, a conversations section, and a gratitude section. If you’re looking to increase your consistency in prayer for a whole year, this dated 12-month journal is the one for you! It’s the perfect choice if you’re looking to cultivate a deeper prayer life in the new year.

A few years later, Val added the Signature Prayer Journal to our collection for people (including herself!) wanting to go even deeper in their prayer lives. Beyond focus or consistency, our hope for this prayer journal is that it will help you pray expectantly and that your life would be an outflow of time with the Lord. If you’ve had success with our format and are ready for a new challenge, or if you have a consistent prayer habit already, this is your journal! This 6-month, undated journal can be started any month during the year, and has enough lined pages for you to write out your prayers for 29 days of the month (leaving a day that the beginning to prep and a day at the end to reflect). This journal also includes a “God Speaks” prompt to challenge you to take time to listen expectantly to God’s voice and record what you hear throughout the month.

Take a peek inside the Signature Journal and watch Val prep her journal here!

Our prayer life is a journey and our format is a sweet way to keep going.

Compose – Come, find focus by recording your requests.

Rhythms – Grow the habit you’ve begun by praying consistently for a whole year.

Signature – Go. You have the habit, now enjoy the adventure!

Check out this quiz to get your personal journal recomendation!

And please hear us out, friends – you don’t need a journal to have a deep prayer life. But we’ve found that sometimes a little structure helps us to focus our minds and to build consistency in our conversations with our Father.

Don’t take our word for it, though!

“I was so afraid to take the plunge on this journal, worried it would just collect dust after a few days. But a month in, I can honestly say it has revolutionized my prayer life and has been such a direct answer to prayer for me!!” – Sarah

These prayer journals changed my prayer life and allowed me to gain a little more focus and it’s also been fun to look back and see how the Lord has worked in my different seasons.” – Yelena

No matter what you’re looking for in your prayer life this year, the Rhythms and Signature Journals can help! Pre-orders are open now and journals will ship in late October or early November, just in time for holiday gifts and the new year! We sell our Rhythms Prayer Journal only from August until it sells out (end of 2023/beginning of 2024), but our Signature Journal is available year-round and is the perfect way to introduce friends or loved ones to our format.

If you have any questions before you make your journal selection, email We’d love to chat with you!

And we hope this handy chart helps!

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