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Friends! I am so excited to share with you our 2017 collection!!

This collection has been in the works for EIGHT MONTHS! I honestly did not think I’d be able to pull it off with a new baby in May, but thankfully God had other plans.

The Val Marie Paper Fresh CollectionAfter watching the movie War Room on New Years Eve (I know, wild night huh??) I just kept thinking, what do I want in my war room? What tools would help me to find focus, develop a passion, find joy, find peace all while I’m on my knees before the Lord?

I prayed over a list of over 20 product ideas, many that y’all had suggested and really felt clarity with the ones that are included. So here’s the new products!

First up, the Fresh Collection. Specifically, these are the journals that God placed on my heart to spruce up my war room. And bonus! When I finished working on them, I realized they focused on three of the things VMP is all about: prayer, peace and joy.

Fresh Start Journal

This is a 31-day devotional on prayer. There are soooo many things that hold us back from prayer. I love that I’ve been able to design a prayer journal to help organize your thoughts but this year, I wanted to encourage you to really make a habit of daily prayer. My vision for this journal is that it will jumpstart your prayer life or revive a limp one.

The journal includes a month worth of prompts so if you aren’t sure if the prayer journal is for you, I highly recommend testing it out with this journal. Or if you ordered the yearly prayer journal, you can start this journal in October and use the prompts for the next three months. I’m really hoping this will help build a strong foundation for us! I’ll be going through this starting in October to refresh my own soul as well and would love for y’all to join me!

Fresh Courage Journal

For my fellow worriers, this one is for you!! Last Thanksgiving, I did an exercise that changed me. I wrote out ways God had been faithful in the past after reading Psalm 143:5.

“I remember the days of old; I meditate on all that you have done; I ponder the work of your hands.” The notes on this verse in my study Bible said “Being at the end of his strength need not mean that he gives us; if he can remember the days of old, he can have fresh courage to stretch out his hands to God. The weary soul thirsts for God as its source of energy.”

It was an incredible faith builder that reminded me that the God who worked in my past, was the one in control of my future. This journal has prompts on each page to help you recall answered prayers in past seasons of life. This journal is a treasure. You can fill out as a family and pass down to your kids so they too can be inspired by God’s faithfulness.

I opted for no lines so you can get creative if you like, doodle, color and just paint a picture of the journey God has taken you on.

Fresh Hope Journal

This journal was actually inspired by goal 4 for 2016. I wanted to live every day in anticipation of how God could use me. One of my daily prayers is that God would open my eyes to the needs around me. My vision for this journal is that it will be a place to document those God stories and let it inspire you to keep vigilant to the needs around you instead of focusing inward. Joy is found when we look outward instead of focusing on a list of things I think will make me happy. If you are feeling like the days drudge on and there is no hope that tomorrow will be different, this journal is for you.

Adoption Prayer Journal

We all know bringing a baby into the family is something we want to cover in prayer. There are soooo many families doing that through adoption right now and I wanted to create a journal specific to their journey! These include 12 categories to list prayers for, space to write out verses to carry you through the journey, 3 pages of verses that I found particularly waiting for baby, pages to journal and make notes and a section to write about the homecoming story. I felt very nervous and unqualified to design this so I enlisted the help of Nicole Cole (see her amazing God story here!!) and Casey Chappell.

Yearly Prayer Journal

Most of you have already seen our yearly prayer journal but if you haven’t, check it out here! I am obsessed and can’t wait to use!! It’s a spiral, hardbound journal covered in a gray linen fabric and stamped with gold foil with lettering my Lindsay Letters.

Current collection updates!

Our prayer journals all got a fresh new look and our pregnancy and marriage journals are in new colors! Even though we did debut the yearly prayer journal, we aren’t getting rid of our undated 6-month journals!! I love love love these for gifting and allowing you to start throughout the year and not just January 1.

Check out the collection here!

I’ll be on chat until 2ish today!! You’ll see my face on the right bottom corner of the site. Click to ask me any questions you have.


As I wrote the 31-study, I realized there was tons I wanted to share on the topic and couldn’t fit it all in. Next week we will have a prayer series on the blog and talk about:

  1. 5 prayer techniques to liven up a dull prayer life
  2. How to use your prayer journal
  3. 6 tips for making prayer a habit
  4. How to practically engage in silence and solitude
  5. 5 books to inspire your prayer life


Seriously, y’all, I could not have pulled this off on my own! Big thanks to Megan from Mae Mae Paperie for styling our products this year and shooting with photographer Beth Cath! Y’all know the summer I’ve had! We would not have anything but iphone pics, poorly styled without them. 🙂 And Lindsey Sherbondy from Lindsay Letters!! She created the lettering for our women’s undated, gratitude, conversations, yearly and fresh collection covers and I love it so much! Also, Yuris Yoon from Salt Stains created all the cute hand illustrated icons you’ll see throughout the site and the blog! You might remember her work from the cover of The Finishing School!

Leave a comment friend! I’d love to hear what your favorite product is! 

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