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The Finishing School Delays

9.24.2015 • 1 Comment

DSC_6881-EditI just wanted to write a quick post updating the status if you ordered The Finishing School book. We got our shipment of books in the week of September 8th and were ready to ship out, but the quality of printing was not like our original proof. It was a bit fuzzy and faded and not the quality I wanted to ship out to y’all. I value y’all as customers and want to make sure we’re putting out a product that’s more than worth the cost you paid.

We’ve been working on fixing the issue and it has taken some time. We are with one of the biggest printers in the country and this is a big blessing. It means we’re able to get a really great product and distribute the books through Amazon and but it also means things can take a bit longer when issues arise.

I will be updating on instagram as soon as we know anything definitive about the status of our order.

Thank you so much for your support and prayers! I’d love your prayers that we can resolve this as quickly and smoothly so we can get the books in your hands!

We’ve also got a small gift in the works for all pre-orders to say thank you for your patience!

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Comments (2)

God’s timing is perfect. I know he is using this time of stress to grow you up and somehow he is using it to spread the gospel. Just keep moving forward!
Have a great week,

Thank you Abigail!! God has shown me so much this past week about THIS being the time He had in mind!! Thanks for being one of those voices that God spoke to me through! 🙂