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The Hardest Prayers

5.15.2014 • 1 Comment

photoSo there is one section in the prayer journals that I have the hardest time with.


I included it in the journals because I know it’s necessary. And I’ve been pretty good about praying for myself within areas I haven’t forgiven others, but I am missing one very big thing: praying blessings on those people that have caused those hurts. It’s hard and unnatural.

While reading Proverbs 10 this past week (as part of the 31 days of Scripture challenge!) I read verse 12. “Hatred stirs up strife, But love covers all transgressions.” This verse hit me hard. I wanted to read up more on it and remembered having a note in my Bible app about loving others. Here were some words I saved from Joyce Meyers.

As Christians, we can’t accept every thought that comes into our heads. Instead, we need to measure each thought against the standard of Scripture, like the verse above tells us to do.

Here’s a practical example: If someone hurts your feelings, you shouldn’t remain upset with them for days on end. That only gives Satan the opportunity to plant seeds of bitterness.

Let me ask you, what are you sowing today? No matter the person, no matter the relationship, sow love, forgiveness, kindness, and patience. You’ll find that as you treat others the way God wants you to, you will reap a life filled with encouraging friendships and wonderful, godly relationships.

When we walk in God’s love, we find freedom by keeping “no account” of wrongs done to us.

Agape love is the love God shows us. It’s unconditional and undeserving. He wants us to love others that way too.

How do I respond to God blessing others? Am I jealous and critique whether they deserve it? First of all, I need to see them the way God sees them. And the way He sees me. I’m a flawed just like them. If I wished they didn’t receive Gods blessings because of their behavior, wouldn’t I be also saying I shouldn’t get them either. God can never bless me fully if I begrudge the gifts He gives others. I need to see others the way God sees them. The love I give cannot be based on how people act but based on how I love God and how I want to glorify God through loving others.

forgiveness-e1337964150608Forgiveness is not a new topic. It’s just one we are challenged with daily. I remembered writing about it a while back and wanted to read it again. Here is the full post I shared on Val & Words:

I am currently reading Beauty of Beholding God by Darien Cooper. I read it in college and it changed me a lot so I picked it up again recently. It’s amazing how you read things and see completely different points.

Today I was reminded of the parable of the ruler who forgave the debt of one of the citizens. It was a huge debt. Something like 10 million dollars.

After this guy’s debt was forgiven, meaning all record was wiped away and he no longer owed it, he went to someone who owed him about $17 and railed him for not having his money.

This seems like such an extreme and obvious example but it’s just like God’s forgiveness of us and our struggles to forgive those who hurt us.

Recently, I let something that happened to me create so much bitterness in me toward someone. To me, the hurt they caused was huge.

But when I hold it up to the forgiveness God has shown me, it pales in comparison a million fold. Being reminded of the mercy poured out on me, helps me to keep a perspective and to let go of those things a little better.

I’ve got to forgive unless I want to hold myself back from everything God has for me!

Original image found here.

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Comments (2)

I will be sharing your beautiful words with my friends. We all need to read them and act upon them in order to move forward. Our church closed its doors on Dec, 2013 and the reasons that are being spread around are not what really happened. This has caused many heartbreaks to the last families that stayed through out the process and my prayer is that we all can come to a place of forgiveness and peace in our hearts realizing that God is in control of everything and we must forgive the unforgiven and pray for everyone for blessings. Thank you for sharing this words of life and having such a beautiful heart. Thanks!

Oh wow!! That is so tough Wanda!! I will be praying for y’alls church family to heal those hurts!