The New Normal

Happy Monday Everyone! It’s been a little over a month since my last wedding as a planner and I’m finding a groove for this whole full-time stationer thing! I absolutely LOVE it y’all! Here’s the new normal day for me!

6:00 AM – Wake up! Quick cuddle with the Mr.

6:15 AM – Bible reading/She Reads Truth/Journaling

7:00 AM – Juicing and some stretching. Normally I turn on K-Love and it gets me moving. I’m a morning person though so it doesn’t take much.

7:30 AM – Blogging/Creative Project Time. The sun rising. I just love this time to work on personal projects. My inbox hasn’t filled up completely just yet and the world is still quiet.

9:00 AM – Client work. Create design suites, work on revisions, send out invoices, answers inquires, send designs to the printer.

12 PM – Lunch and a walk to the mailbox. And Hershey’s dark chocolate. Always.

1 PM – Business to-do. This could be placing orders for inventory, crunching  numbers, working on marketing projects, ads, etc.

2020 Yearly Prayer Journal 


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2 PM – More client work. Lots of my brides are super fast in responding so I like to get back with them as soon as possible! I love getting emails from brides surprised at how quick designs and revisions get to them! : )

4 PM – Pick up orders from the printer. Post Office Run. “No, nothing hazardous. Yes, I do want tracking and confirmation. I’ve got so many of these slips, I could wallpaper a room with them.” Just a couple of things I seem to say every time I’m there.

4:30 PM – Gym Time. This unfortunately doesn’t happen everyday if I’m swamped with work but I’m trying to keep it consistent, at least 3-4 days a week.

5:30 PM – Download my list of to-dos for the next day and jot it down in my Day Designer.

5:45 PM – Start cooking dinner and do a quick tidy.

6:30 PM – Dinner with the Mr.

7:00 PM – Tidy kitchen and relax for the evening. Read, watch our favorite shows.

10:00 PM – Bed time!  I am a bit talkative when it comes to bedtime. Even if I’ve fallen asleep on the couch, I normally get my second wind and like to chitchat.

What is your normal??

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