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Tips // How to Style Your Invitations


SW6_Stars_003-820x615Southern-Weddings-V6_1024x1024Wedding invitations have a unique role in the wedding festivities. They are the first piece that signals to guest what they can expect AND they naturally build the excitement for the big day!

The crazy thing is, even though they coordinate with the wedding they, they are rarely a part of it. I love seeing blog posts that incorporate a few photos of the invitation stationery. Obviously! : ) Whether your hoping to share your wedding day on a blog or create an album for your own coffee table, including the invitations helps tell the whole story and reminds me of the engagement stage and all the excitement leading up to the big day.

Today I have the wonderfully talented wedding planner and stylist, Stefanie Miles sharing her tips for styling your paper products on the wedding day. In my opinion, Stefanie is one of the best stylists in the country when it comes to weddings. Her style is effortless and natural and is how I would love to remember a wedding day. Go check out her new site. The galleries are gorgeous!! I’ve had the pleasure of creating stationery for a photo shoot with Stefanie and just wrapped up an invitation suite for one of her upcoming weddings. I cannot wait to see how how she showcases our Ruby Suite!!

Stefmiles_web copy

Here are Stefanie’s tips!

1. Plan ahead. Lay out your items ahead of time, and take photos, so you’ll remember how you want to lay out the details. This will give you time to play, and figure out what you like best.

2. Consider the design elements of the wedding. Is the design elegant? Whimsical? Romantic? Bold? Consider the mood and tone of the event as you style, so the finished image fits seamlessly with the rest of the event.

3. Incorporate multi-dimensional elements. Ribbon, flowers, plants, paper straws, washi tape, spools, stones, jewelry, twine, scissors, stamps, paper clips, confetti…the options are truly endless. Small found objects that help tell the visual story are my favorite elements to use.


4. Draw from your surroundings. Look at the available surfaces at the event venue that work with your color palette. Look for a clean backdrop that will compliment and not compete with your stationery suite.

5. Pay attention to the details. Use double-sided tape to keep your paper products laying flat. Have multiples of each element so you can show both front & back designs, envelopes liners, etc. And don’t forget to use pretty stamps!

Photos by Ryan Ray


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