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Unclenching My Hands

2.17.2014 • 1 Comment

changeHappy Monday y’all!

It is crazy how Jesus Calling seems to speak to me each morning. Sometimes the ideas seem so basic and honestly, like they are a bit repetitive, but the truth is, I don’t catch things the first time and have to hear things over and over again to get them!

In today’s reading, one line really grabbed my attention.

“When you cling to old ways and sameness, you resist My work within you.”

I am a routine gal. I like having steady things I can count on. It keeps me calm. : ) As much as I think they are beneficial, it’s my stubbornness to keep in line that messes me up. This passage made me want to step back and let God rough that all up. I had no idea that sometimes my determination to stick to sameness was me resisting God’s plan. Just to picture myself putting up my hand and telling God “No thanks, I’m good” just sort of made me cringe.

Having Vivi was such a time of change in my life and business so I’ve been challenged with this lesson a lot without even knowing it.  The more I try to hold onto the past as far as how I worked (how long I get to or how peacefully), the more painful the days are. The more I relax and let God do with the day what he wants, the easier things are, even with the exact same challenges (like teething or baby that just won’t sleep).

There is so much hope in knowing God is at work. Hope for everything God had planned today if I simply unclenched my hands and gave it to him.

Another quote from today’s passage said “Although each day contains twenty-four hours, ever single one presents a unique set of circumstances. Don’t try to force-fit today into yesterday’s mold.”

The answer of how to actually do that? “Instead, ask Me to open your eyes so you can find all I have prepared for you in this precious day of Life.”

Today I’m praying for open eyes to see all God has. I love the word hope and I love everything I feel when I realize I have it. The possibilities are so great with God. One passage I have recently taped to the chalkboard in front of my desk is Ephesians 3:20 (Message version). “God can do anything – far more than you could ever imagine or guess or request in your wildest dreams!”

My determined heart to follow routine can put God in a box. Today, I’m letting Him roaming free.

To see how God has gone beyond my wildest dreams, hop on over to Blue-Eyed Bride‘s blog for a little feature on moi! I’m sharing how I went from dreading my job to a dream job!

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