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Using pre-written prayers

9.21.2020 • 1 Comment

Maybe you didn’t grow up in a church where pre-written prayers were used much. Have you just assumed that prayers aren’t meaningful unless they’re in your own words? Like you’re cheating? Obviously, the state of our heart matters, but when used sincerely, pre-written prayers can blossom into some of the most passionate prayer times.

In honor of the release of Val’s book, Springboard Prayers: A Starting Point for Holy Conversations, here are 4 benefits of adding pre-written prayers into your quiet time rotation.


One of the things we hear over and over again is that people grow weary of prayer when they find themselves constantly praying the same things.

And while persistence is needed in many cases, if your prayers are growing stale and losing their meaning, a pre-written prayer will open your eyes to things you may not have thought about and even help you pray for the same things in a fresh way!


Ever had something you know you need to pray about, but just aren’t sure what to say? With a book like Springboard Prayers, you can open up to the table of contents, find the prayer that matches your emotion or circumstance, and with the flip of a few pages, you’ll be at a loss for words no more.


Our spiritual journey is never over in this lifetime. There are always going to be things we’ve never experienced or new depths that the Lord is calling to. To read the prayers of someone who is a little ahead of us or with a different point of view can open our eyes to a different way to pray. To “level up” or grow in our conversations with the Lord. There are likely ways we need to pray that we just haven’t been taught yet.


Remember those times in grade school when your teacher gave you a prompt and you were supposed to finish the story? That’s what a good pre-written prayer will do for ya, get the juices flowing so that you can continue your conversation with God in your own words. Springboard Prayers even takes this concept a step further with sections called WHERE TO GO FROM HERE and WHAT TO LISTEN FOR that contain action steps and questions to guide you into a prayerful day.

Springboard Prayers got its name because it’s meant to be a launching pad for your prayer life. The prayers inside aren’t meant to be a substitute for your own words, but to warmly invite you to your own personal conversation with the Lord. Inside, you’ll find prayers for things like

  • When the world is too noisy
  • When you come home from vacation
  • When you’re fighting for joy
  • Your pastor, your best friend, persecuted Christians
  • Your front porch/driveway
  • Your prayer life (yep, you can even pray for prayer! 😉 )
  • And sooo much more!

In true Val Marie Paper fashion, we also wanted to make this product beautiful on the outside so that you’ll leave it out on your coffee table or desk and be reminded to use it!

Chambray linen has been on Val’s mind for a while and it is the perfect choice for this sophisticated square, hardcover book. On the outside, you’ll find gold foil lettering and inside, you’ll be greeted by minimally designed pages thanks to Spruce Road.

There have been so many requests for this book and we can’t wait to get it into your hands. So, instead of waiting any longer, we decided to do a little pre-sale!


On Saturday, 9/26, the price jump from $20 to $25. Feel free to grab an extra while they’re on sale! These would make such a lovely Christmas gift for your sister, mom, or best friend.

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Is this going to be available elsewhere? I already pre-ordered my journal during the launch and at $35 for international shipping I can’t place another order at the moment but would love to get my hands on one. Will amazon or book depository or koorong going to be stocking these please?