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Vivi’s Favorite Things

6.17.2014 • 3 Comments

vivi'sfavoritesOk today we are really talking about mommy’s favorite things for Vivi.

I remember reading lots of articles on moms’ favorite products for their babies while I was pregnant. We were pretty strict on what came into our little apartment, so finding practical guides of what mom’s actually liked was super helpful! Still, I had more own trial and error with some products and learned what worked well for us but I hope this post will be helpful!

I honestly never imagined I’d be giving out advice on this topic before I had Vivi, but you learn pretty quickly what you like and don’t like.


Rock -n- Play – You have heard tons of moms talk about this but if there is just one soon to be mom who has never heard of this, I’m posting for you! The Rock-N-Play is where Vivi slept for the first three months. It was priceless. I attribute it to one of the reasons Vivi was such a good sleeper. It cradles the baby so they feel as if they are being held (almost!) and reminds them of the womb more tha

Swing – This was a lifesaver many days! She slept great in in Rock – n – Play but it still required rocking her. Her afternoon nap, after I was tired from a full day with her, was in the swing.

Miracle Blanket – I attribute this as one of the reasons Vivi slept so well in the beginning. We tried just the A&A blankets but she would break free all the time and wake herself up. I knew she wasn’t ready to be unswaddled and it was winter so we tried the Miracle Blanket and then the A&A on top (a double swaddle) and it worked!! We did notice Vivi held one of her arms a little funny and we have wondered if it was from this swaddle that kept her arms by her side. The doctor assured us it was nothing and it went away, but just wanted to share! Despite the weird (short lived) arm thing, we will definitely be using with future babies!

Aden & Anais blankets – Everyone loves A&A and now I know why. They are so useful. I got one set of bamboo which are actually softer but I found these were so soft I didn’t use them as much! They seemed great for swaddling but not for taking in the car or wiping her drool. ; )

Rings – Vivi got these from our sweet cousin Tobin whose mom said it was one of his favorite toys early on. Vivi still loves these. We hang them from the car seat and activity gym. She loves puling them apart and sticking them in her mouth. I don’t every carry many toys in her diaper bag but this was one thing we always carried since it was so small and entertaining for her.

Quick Zip Sheets – These sheets make changing the bed so easy!


Activity Gym – This was one of Vivi’s favorite toys before she could roll over. I adjusted the mirror to hang at the top and she loved looking at herself and stayed entertained while I did dishes.

Piano – I had been looking for a toy that was a little more entertaining that her blocks and dolls. She’s only got one light up/play music toy (which I like keeping to a minimum sanity wise) and could use some fun entertaining things! We had a friend who had two of these and gave one to Vivi and it is one of her favorite things!! I can plop her in her pack n play while I do the dishes and this keeps her entertained for 30 minutes!

Exersaucer – Vivi is loving thing. I have it in my office right now and when she wakes up early from naps and I’ve got a few more emails to finish up before it’s feeding time, this will keep her entertained.

Baby Lit books – I’m not sure who loves these more, me or Vivi. Her little face lights up when I bring one of the books to her. The illustrations are so beautiful and inspire ME all the time. She’s got a collection of 8, but are hoping to collect them all.


Halo Sleep Sack – We keep our apartment cool, so we keep her in this each night.

Carter’s Terry Cloth PJs – I wasn’t so sure about the terry cloth when we got these but they have become my favorites! She’s got a coral one and blue one that she alternates and wears almost every night.


I’m going to share more on how we do food for Vivi a little later but here are a few of our favorite products!

Beaba Freeze Trays – I have tried other portion freezer trays but this is the best. Our previous one said you could pop out the portions just by pressing on it but I had to use a knife to get them out and broke off a few knife tips! This one is rubber so it is much easier to get the food out. And I’m pretty obsessed with this shade of blue!

Glass Jars  – When I first got these, I saw way too many parts, a rubber insert, and two silver clasps. I thought these would be way to much trouble until I realized you don’t need those pieces if you are just using at home. When we go out, I use them though.

Bibs – I love these! They are simple, pretty colors and the price was right. End of story. Nothing fancy needed here.  


Forever 21 tank – When I was shopping for nursing tanks I couldn’t believe how pricy they were! And how uncomfortable. I hate all the extra elastic around my rips so I bought a few of these instead. I figured they’d work atleast while I was at home so I got just one of the pricy kinds. Y’all, I can’t even explain how much I love these. They are comfortable and fitted and can easily be pulled down to nurse. They are $1.80!! I’ve got several white ones, black, navy, ivory. Highly recommend trying this if you aren’t into the fit or price of typical nursing tanks.

Two things  that make a lot of favorite’s lists that we didn’t actually use very much: a bumbo (this lasted a very short month, maybe two) and a boppy.

Moms, leave a comment with your favorite products and why for those wide-eyed pregnant gals trying to navigate this whole thing!! : )

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Comments (5)

Thanks for sharing ur list!!! The activity gym and exersaucer links don’t work, but I’m very interested in them!

Oh how I loved my boppy! I don’t know how I would’ve made it through the two months at home on maternity leave without it, lol. Felicity loved napping on it and it made nursing so much easier. On another note, I’m a sleep sack fan too. She hates blankets and those and sleepers are the only way I can keep her warm. xoxo

I know!! I am definitely the minority! I had a c-section so it made it really uncomfortable in the beginning so I think I just got used to not using it!

Love this! We love our Blooming Bath flower in leu of a tub because it’s so compact and our Boba 4G! Makes errands so much easier 😉 Love how you use the super cheap tanks as nursing tanks. Do you wear these under regular t-shirts and just lift up/pull down? Would love to know how you make them work for nursing your babe 🙂

Hey! I normally have a button down on over or a shirt that has a flexible enough fabric to pull down a little OR I do lift the top shirt up if it’s a crew neck type shirt.