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Vivi’s Newborn/Live-In Session


Today I wanted to share with y’all our newborn session for Vivi, captured by Erin from Ell Photography! I really enjoyed this session, despite that Vivi was unusually bright-eyed (not so conducive to newborn pics). I love it because it is a little different in that Erin captured some photos of Tyler and I with Vivi in our environment. I love that we will get to look back on these photos later when we have been parents for years and years and think back on this time where we knew nothing, except how much we loved his little girl! I say this all the time when I get photos of special moments, but I will treasure these photos forever! Enjoy!!


First we hit the lake to get a few shots. This was important to me since I had spent so much time here praying for Vivi during my pregnancy walks! 

7713 7745 7794 7812BW I just love getting to see this from her perspective! 7828BW 7841 When Tyler saw all the fun accessories that Erin brought, he suggested we bring in her stylist Natalie. We even got a few shots with her!! : )7885BW

I wanted to get some photos of her with her prayer cards from the shower. I love the symbolism of her being cover (or surrounded) by prayer. 7915(1) 7937(1) 7947 7956 7980 8007 8011 8019BW 8034BW 8037BW 8041BW 8072 8042

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