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The VMP Product Gift Guide


Happy Black Friday sweet friends! What a special day. The day that we all unite in agreement that playing Christmas music and lighting that Christmas candle is finally acceptable! 😉

The only thing better than seeing y’all buy these products for yourself through out the year is to see how y’all love to gift these to your loved ones. As I was putting together wording for our promos, the idea of “triple-threat gifting” kept coming to mind and I think it’s why these are so popular this time of year. It’s hard to find a gift for $15 (or $11 if you are getting a bunch!!) that is both thoughtful AND well-designed. I’m biased of course! 😉

So I thought it would be fun to make a little gift guide graphic showing all the ways to gift and in the prettiest rainbow of colors, of course.

Annnnd the most important info: We’ve got $5 flat shipping now now through Cyber Monday!! This is in addition to our coupon codes so check out the product listings for bulk codes. 

Happy shopping!! Here’s to getting all gift-buying done before December even starts!!

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