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A moment, a day, a life transformed by prayer.

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What I’m signing in my new book


Grumpy Mom Takes a Holiday launches in ONE WEEK!! Keep reading (or skip down to read about a pre-order incentive bonus we’re adding!

Let’s be honest, it’s weird to think anyone cares to have a book signed with my name in it but I’m not here for a humble brag to try to get the world to beg me to sign a book while I sheepishly refuse. If anything, I’m gonna make it purposeful because y’all know I’m a taaaaad practical….

I’m am the biggest nerd and wanted to be really intentional about what I wrote in Grumpy Mom Takes a Holiday because I’ve signed a handful of copies of The Finishing School and absolutely CANNOT think on the spot of something clever or helpful to say and immediately felt like I just defamed their copy with whatever I wrote. I’m pretty sure once I wrote to a high school girl (her mom bought her the book) something like “I hope you enjoy this more than regular school” or something just as awkward. 😉

My heart for everyone who reads my book by Valerie Woerner | Grumpy Mom Takes a Holiday, motherhood, parenting, christian life, faith, mops, author, summer reads, prayer

This time around, I spent some time thinking about it and have got something I’m really excited to pen as many times as I’m given the opportunity.

Lord bless you+Soli Deo GloriaLove, Val

What does that mean??

It’s basically my prayer for you:

1. For the Lord to bless you with more joy in motherhood than you knew possible (based on Numbers 6:24). I truly pray God will use this book to bless your motherhood in overwhelming ways. 

2. And I pray that for everyone who witnesses your transformation to be pointed to Jesus.

And selfishly, I’ve been preparing my heart for launching a book and want to keep a humble heart and not make this whole thing about me. Every time I write Soli Deo Gloria which is Latin for “glory to God alone” I want to be reminded that it’s all for His glory and not mine.

Grumpy Mom Takes a Holiday by Valerie Woerner | motherhood, children, kids, parenting, truth, Bible, Christian, faith, self care for moms


My new book, “Grumpy Mom Takes a Holiday,” dives into 20 different stereotypes (AKA lies) about what motherhood is like and how to take them captive and replace them with truth. The world offers up a pretty one-dimensional definition of motherhood: Coffee is king and has our undevoted allegiance, yoga pants and dry shampoo are the unofficial uniform, but these things just aren’t enough to keep us hope-filled when the every day of life happens. We need a more invigorating definition of motherhood–the one that comes straight from God’s Word. 

To identify which part of the book might help YOU most, take our 5 question quiz!

We just added a fun pre-order bonus today!

 If you’ve seen our product photos for the prayer journals the last few years, you’ve got to enjoy the work of the the seriously talented Megan Gonzales of Mae Mae & Co. She’s a photo stylist with a true gift for creating photos that are beautiful and tell a story. She gave our launch team a private lesson in photo styling from the basics, letting us see her process and tips for sharing photos of the book Grumpy Mom in a really authentic way along with a 5-page PDF of resources. We’re giving this hour-long training for free to anyone who has pre-ordered Grumpy Mom Takes a Holiday. My hope is that this serves you as you share your own story or what God is teaching you on social media so we can continue to make it an edifying place. Forward your order receipt to to get the link to the training and we cannot wait to see your photos of Grumpy Mom and beyond!

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