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A moment, a day, a life transformed by prayer.

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Your gifts for pre-ordering my new book!


Your pre-order gifts by Valerie Woerner, prayer journal, women's ministry, prayer, refresh, meditation, how to make a prayer journal, praying for your kids, husband, prayer warrior, war room, Bible study, how to, DIY, notebook, spiral, tools, prayer notebook, how to pray, pray confidently and consistentlyWhen we were thinking about pre-order bonuses for Pray Confidently and Consistently (Val’s new book releasing in October!), we knew we wanted things that wouldn’t distract from the book itself, but give you every opportunity to actually read it and put it into practice!

We’re so proud to offer the bonuses you see below! We can’t wait for you to sit with the words in this book, identify what’s holding you back from consistent prayer and move forward with confidence! So, here’s what you get when you pre-order Pray Confidently and Consistently as soon as TODAY.


and get access to the audiobook immediately for a limited time! Like, you could submit your pre-order info TODAY and start listening to the entire book TODAY. Then, when your physical copy comes in you’ll be able to refer back to all the parts you loved and make all the highlights! 🤓 Access to the audiobook will expire after November 15, so the sooner you pre-order, the longer you have to enjoy!


and get our no-fail PDF guide to leading a prayer group. This contains so much fresh content… it’s basically a whole other book! When you submit your pre-order info, you’ll get a sample PDF immediately which includes Val’s tips for starting a group (so you can start planning right away!) plus session one so you can get a taste of what the format will look like. When the book releases October 12, you’ll be sent the full PDF guide!


1 Copy = Audiobook for free!



4 Copies = No-Fail Leader’s Guide!



1. Grab your copy (or copies!) from your favorite retailer. Several are listed here!

2. Go to this link!

3. Enter your information.

4. Head to your email to await your bonus! Enjoy!

Pop in those earbuds, friend, and take the first steps towards becoming a confident and consistent prayer warrior!

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