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2019 Goals

12.28.2018 • 1 Comment

My 2019 Goals by Valerie Woerner | Val Marie Paper, new year, resolutions, healthy, word of the year, cultivate what matters, powersheets

Today I’m sharing my 10 goals for 2019 in no particular order!

You’ll see a theme in my goals this year that will give you a clue to my word of the year that I’ll be sharing Monday!

1. Launch Grumpy Mom Takes a Holiday and Fresh Start for Moms in a healthy way.

So this is my big goal for the year. To not only launch these books successfully but with sanity too. I want to enjoy this experience and really serve my audience well so this message spreads to as many mommas as possible. I don’t want my emotions to be determined by bad reviews or even the good ones. I want to keep my eyes on what God’s calling me to do and not make this whole thing about me.

2. Have a healthy approach to life here on earth.

This is kind of a biggie no? But I truly think this will change so much in my life if I can really start seeing my time here in light of eternity. I want to enjoy more light-hearted moments, more praise and wonder, more adventure, more lavish giving and just living more fully instead of spending so much time on the things of this world.

3. Have a healthy approach to things.

I want to live less attached to stuff and more content with what’s in front of me. The cost of keeping up with more and more things steals so much of my time and attention. And they rarely have the value that I place on them when I’m purchasing. I’d love to train my mind to really see things for what they are instead of placing such unrealistic expectations for what they can do.

4. Grow VMP and nurture team in a healthy way.

No big monetary focus. Just really healthy growth. It’s so easy to get sidetracked by numbers and though we do have benchmarks to helps us detect things that might need to change, the numbers can quickly become the focus instead of sustainable growth that’s healthy and can last. For us, this will mean saying no to a lot of things, better communication and launching our prayer course with an impact goal in mind instead of a sales goal.

5. Foster healthier face-to-face relationships.

This might sound silly to some of you but as much as I love growth, I’ve seen the source of that as knowledge and habits and implementing these big goals. And I still think that’s a part of it but I’m realizing that God can transform us as we live in community. What I saw as hindrances to me becoming who God called me to is actually the avenue. Again, I know that sounds so weird to some. If you are an Enneagram 1, I bet you’re nodding your head. I want to experience accountability that is only possible when you’re living in community day in and out. I want to forgive more, look people in the eyes and come alongside people.

My 2019 Goals by Valerie Woerner | Val Marie Paper, new year, resolutions, healthy, word of the year, cultivate what matters, powersheets

6. Have a healthy approach to money.

I want to find the balance between spending and saving. I know our resources are not just for me and I think it requires such a healthy mindset to give generously while saving and investing for the future and seeing money as a tool and not our security or identity.

7. Have a healthy mindset about fitness, food and my body.

I think I’m done learning what I need to do. (Ok, not for good, but for now). I need to just do what I already know to be true. I need to remember that change takes time and results aren’t instant. I need to value preparation and sacrifice and loving my body no matter what it looks like but at the same time, not let that “self-love” become an excuse to treat it poorly. I need to be conscious of my boundaries, when to rest and when to push. I want a mind that’s fully aware and not just a body that goes through the motions that are only as effective as long as I keep the same routine.

8. Discover what healthy, long-lasting change takes.

This year, my habits and routines took a hit. I KNEW I wanted to go to bed early or lay out my clothes so I had plenty of time in the morning to read my Bible and pray but truly, I struggled to make wise choices (as cheesy as that sounds). I chose my phone or Netflix and late nights way more than I ever have before and just kind of neglected the things I know are beneficial. I don’t want habits for habits’ sake. I want to make choices more consciously. I want to know what I’m choosing in the moment and let that propel me to make good choices instead of mindlessly acting.

9. Enjoy a healthy dose of adventure.

Y’all, I’m the routine gal. I don’t do spontaneity much but I’m starting to crave that and travel more. I’m starting to see what God can teach us when we get to stare at His creation, or what we learn from the flexibility traveling with two kids requires. Or even the push to enjoy more immeasurable moments and rest even with a busy work year ahead. Leave a comment! I’d love ideas on where we should go!!!

10. Train grateful, joyful and healthy-minded kids.

I want to intentionally teach my kids so much, but this year, I want to focus on showing them how blessed they are. (Or the less politically correct way to put it, I want to raise kids who aren’t brats and act entitled about everything). This is a huge undertaking and I know I’m not the ultimate decider of who they will become but I want to instill this value in them well this year.

Ok friends! Share a goal or two in the comments!! I’d love to hear what you are focusing on this year!!!


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Comments (1)

I haven’t been one to set goals in the past. Now looking back I see that not changing anything is worse than trying to change things and not always following through. BUT thankfully God still changed me a lot this year and did AMAZING things in 2018 and I am ready for 2019 to be even better! My main goal is getting up early for prayer and bible time everyday. I ordered a journal last week, so I’m excited to use that to help me stay consistent in that goal. Also, TRULY decluttering my home so I have more time for my kids and homeschooling, daily bible time in our homeschool, less screen time for the whole family, being content with where we are instead of having the mindset that once things change everything will be better/easier. I could go on and on. But overall I just want to grow spiritually and for everything else to be more intentional.