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2022 Goals Recap


Welcome to Val’s annual goal series! We’re releasing a new goals related blog post each day. Sign up here to get notifications about all our new blog posts.

2022 has been a weird year, and after the last two years that’s saying a lot. We kicked off the year with Covid and a trip to the ER, moved our mattress into my office in an attempt to get away from the mold in our primary bathroom. Then, in April, when we moved back in our bedroom, we demolished our bathroom (which is still not complete). So, for nearly a year, it’s been one of one shared bathroom, contacts and face wash on the dresser, our toilet sitting in our closet, and washing my hair under a bath faucet. I’ll be the first to say these are VERY first-world problems, but after a year, it’s taken its toll.

I also became the official shop manager and that title has lasted much longer than expected, meaning months of not writing blog posts or recording podcasts and doing the creative work that energizes me. 

It’s felt like a very transient year, like so many things have been in limbo, and we’re just waiting to tie them all up with a nice little bow. 

With that said, the back half of the year, I totally blanked on making monthly goals based on my big 2022 yearly goals and my main mission was getting orders out during our busiest time of the year. This is honestly not my typical response. Normally, I’ll try to cram things in to keep up with what I said I’d do, but I’m finally learning how to live led, not driven and it has made all the difference in the world.  So, without further ado, a little update on my 2022 Goals.

If you’re new here, I typically share the steps I took toward a goal rather than a defining “did I get it complete?” because being able to see and celebrate the progress is a ton more motivating than looking at a list and assuming nothing happened because that final checkmark hasn’t been given!

So, here we go! My 8 goals that I started 2022 with, how some changed and what steps I took toward them. 


Between reading Jefferson Bethke’s book Take Back Your Family and God slowly shifting my heart, I feel like I’m most excited to put my energy into this goal next year! To be honest, work often gets my most creative ideas and laser-like focus, but I’ve prayed a lot for God to give me the same motivation I feel in my work in creating a home environment for our family that is more intentional. 

EOY Update: 

  • We spent 5 (hoped for 10!) months teaching the principles in Boundaries for Kids.
  • I read Hold On To Your Kids (more thoughts in this post) and it was super helpful. 
  • We started morning devo time by getting up 15 minutes early and enjoying snuggles on the couch. We aren’t super consistent yet, but when we do it, it’s an amazing way to start the day!
  • We have family handshakes with each other. Like me and Vivi have one, Vivi and Tyler, me and Vana, Vana and Tyler. 
  • We name things fun names like the Woerner Way and feel united in things we believe. 
  • We spent a month together that was huge for bringing us together!
  • This is one goal we will continue to work on even if it’s not listed next year. 😉 


This might sound weird. I mean we are, obviously, best friends, but I do feel like it’s so easy to get comfortable wanting time to myself when the girls go to bed or just talking logistics (what’s for dinner? Or even work stuff. He edits our podcast! ) I know so many empty-nesters talk about how weird it is when the kids leave and it’s just the husband and wife again, and I want that to be a sweet time even though I know it won’t be easy altogether!

EOY Update:

  • In general, we are laughing more together and more lighthearted. 
  • We enjoy more conversations in the evenings, when in the past, I’ve wanted more alone time after a long day. 
  • I give Tyler so much credit for us having a good year together. He has been so patient and supportive with my health stuff. 


I already mentioned in the 2021 Lifechangers post about this course. It really has been so good and has brought me so much hope that I can change some of the negative thought patterns that plague me.

EOY Update:

  • All videos and exercises completed! 
  • 66 days of brain priming completed twice!
  • I am actually planning on going through my notes again. The info was so good and I know a refresher will help everything stick even more. 


As I’ve done research this year to figure out my health issues, I’ve learned about the importance of having a good HRV and I currently don’t have a great one! Low HRV is even linked to depression and anxiety. Our HRV affects so many things so I’m excited to work on it this year and even more excited that it’s so measurable. I will be able to measure this at the beginning of the year and see how my number improves. I plan to do more research but will start with the things below that I know will affect it. 

EOY update:

  • Pretty soon after setting this goal, we got all my test results in and found out the issues I was having–Hashimoto’s, gallbladder function and mold. This goal changed to addressing those issues. 


Yes, I’m off social for the most part but I still get on my phone too much sometimes! And if anything, being off has made me realize how nice it is being away from the noise so I desire that even more! I want to practice what Cal Newport shares about just being with my phone less. Leaving it at home when I go places, especially church, walks around the neighborhood or when I’m out with the family and Tyler still has his phone. 

EOY update: 

  • I’ve gotten so much better leaving my phone when going on dates or going out with friends and not pulling it out as much as I had before. 
  • Not gonna lie, the Depp v. Heard trial was a major distraction for me for weeks this Spring. 
  • More time with my phone left on the charger in our laundry room. More on how I’m doing this in my life-changer’s post coming soon! 😉


I’m excited to be leading a group at my church through the book! I am equally nervous because it feels a little weird leading a group about your own book but I felt led to do it and mostly that I didn’t let my own discomfort or pride stand in the way of doing it. 

EOY update: 

  • Yes!! It was so great to be praying consistently with ladies each week. It’s made me crave  that consistency again since I don’t have anything “scheduled” like that right now, so I’m planning to start a prayer group in January.


We forgoed pushing it really hard with our October launch in favor of focusing on how we will promote the book long-term! 

EOY update: 

  • We were not able to do this as well as we hoped, mainly because of my health and shipping this fall, but we have some exciting things for next year! 


This will sound silly to some but I’ve already shared several times about my hair loss over the last 4 months. I can’t control it completely if it stops falling out but I can do a few things to support it.

EOY update: 

  • It’s growing back!! 
  • Nightly head massage and Vegamour Gro+ oil (affiliate link). Didn’t do this daily but did it quite a bit. 
  • Not brushing hair while wet. This was surprisingly not an issue and styled fine. 
  • I had 3 haircuts this year which is easily 2 more than I normally do. 😛 My hair is definitely healthier on the ends as a result.

What kind of year was 2022 for your goals? Share below!! 

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