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33 things about me

8.28.2017 • 2 Comments

Happy Monday y’all! Today, me and my sweet twin sis turn 33. I thought I’d share some heartfelt post but for some reason, that post never came to me and instead 33 random facts about me did! 🙂 My sister actually did a post as well so definitely check that out too! It’s insane how different we are.

  • In college, I thought I’d move to New York, wear power suits and work for a big magazine.
  • I love Barq’s root beer (though only drink once or twice a month now) but don’t like other root beers.
  • I’ve been to 5 Needtobreathe shows including one on the night we got engaged.
  • I can’t dive.
  • I created a cd of songs I wrote in college.
  • I was obsessed with being the next Michelle Branch. 🙂
  • I had dreams of being a tennis star though I never played more than casually.
  • I don’t own a single piece of clothing from Anthropologie.
  • I live next door to my grandpa and 4 doors down from my mom and dad.
  • I graduated with a degree in journalism and minor in English, but I never wanted to write a book.
  • When the idea for The Finishing School came to me, I was so excited to write it (and had a tight deadline!) that I wrote it in 7 weeks.
  • I never got post-partum depression, but was depressed during my first trimester for both pregnancies.
  • I designed invitations for years but get all our Christmas cards and the girl’s birthday cards from Minted. It’s just too easy.
  • We’ve been to the beach every year since I was a toddler. It’s definitely my happy place.
  • My sister and I graduated from two different colleges on the same day, literally got our diploma an hour apart (our schools were three hours apart!). My mom and her dad came to my graduation and my dad and his mom went to my sister’s.
  • I’ve had 2 c-sections and 0 ab muscles.
  • I’m left-handed.
  • I’ve got terrible eyesight.
  • I’ve never owned a tube of lipstick.
  • I don’t drink coffee. Like I’ve never had a real cup of coffee. Only the occasional peppermint mocha around Christmas. I’m a tea drinker.
  • Even two glasses of iced green tea a day give me a buzz. 😵
  • I drive a minivan…and love it.
  • We lead a small group at our church.
  • I was obsessed with penguins when I was younger and everyone knew it so I got a lot of penguin things growing up.
  • I asked Tyler out armed with a list of why I liked him. He had pursued me a few times in our time as best friends so I knew it was my turn to show him I really liked him.
  • I take a hot Epsom salt bath every night and can’t sleep without it.
  • In my family I’m known as the hypochondriac they need to google symptoms for. 🙈
  • I LOVE massages. When I get one, I spend half the time trying to figure out how I can budget for one every month.
  • Me and my husband, Tyler, call Valentine’s Day “Val & Ty’s Day”
  • Growing up we had 4 birthdays in one week in our house. Me and Nan on Aug 28, Brother Cameron Aug 29, Mom Sept 1. We’ve added Tyler Sept 11 and Josh (Natalie’s husband) Sept 17, our anniversary Sept 25 and Vivi’s birthday Oct 6 for 6 weeks of celebration.
  • I not only love but like my mother-in-law. Years as a wedding planner showed me that’s a rarity. 😬
  • My favorite kid movie is Zootopia.
  • Many years for my birthday there are unwanted party guests: Andrew, Katrina, Irene, Ike, Harvey. I am slightly bitter school was canceled today and I had to cancel my massage. First world probs.

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Comments (2)

Loved learning these little bits about you! “Val & Ty’s Day” still has me cracking up!!