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My 5 favorite books on prayer


As big a part as prayer has played in my life, I have only recently started reading books on it and I’m learning so much!! And I’ll make sure I throw this out there first, the Bible is our ultimate authority on prayer. A lot of my research in the Bible on prayer is in the Fresh Start journal. But I have found some very helpful advice on prayer in books. On the surface, I feel like prayer is a simple topic and then as you start digging, it can get complex and we can have a lot of questions. So today I am sharing my 5 favorite books on prayer (and a few bonuses!) that I would recommend if you want to learn more. 

My five favorite books on prayer | Val Marie Paper

1. Fervent – Priscilla Shirer

Priscilla fires me up for prayer! She focuses on prayer as a weapon. She is bold and passionate about prayer and gave me a revived passion. 

2. A Praying Life – Paul E. Miller

This was the first book I had read solely on prayer and really enjoyed it and feeling like it answered a lot of my questions.

3. Power of a Praying Wife – Stormie Omartian

My instinct is to talk. I forget the power of praying for my marriage. I read this book years ago and prayed daily for my husband for a while. She offers 31 topics to pray for your spouse so you can pray something different for each day. A few months ago I started back up again using her daily prayers and I’m seeing the Lord answer prayers in my husband’s life that weren’t being changed by nagging. (Go figure! 😉 ) 

4. Prayer – A.W. Tozer

This is actually a compilation of his teachings on prayer. The editor of the book has his thoughts and even questions after each excerpt that is equally challenging. I am not even finished this book but know it will be a favorite. (If my recommendation changes, I’ll be sure to post on Insty and Good Reads!) Lately I have been getting into less contemporary authors and it’s crazy how these writers from so long ago are refreshing my faith. I think we can get used to the same tone and topics that are addressed today and Tozer’s writings are different than anything I’ve read on prayer!

5. Prayer – Tim Keller

If you are looking for a deep read, Tim is your man. I have to read this book in small chunks and honestly haven’t finished it yet, but I do love the level he talks on.


6. Anything – Jennie Allen

In Anything, Jennie talks about her and her husband making a really bold prayer offering God anything and trusting His plan. Her story and insight gave me such peace to be OK with anything God had for me. I had never experience such a peace with whatever God’s plan was. I reference the highlights often and would definitely put this on your must read list in general!

7. Ordering Your Private World – Gordon MacDonald

This book had a chapter or two on silence and meditation and prayer. The whole book is not on prayer but what he says about it is good stuff.

The book I couldn’t finish

Please don’t hate me! I tried to read The Circle Maker by Mark Batterson and didn’t finish it. I was surprised by this because I enjoyed In a Pit with a Lion on a Snowy Day. It was actually “inspirational” but at the time, I was looking for more concrete Biblical teaching on prayer. It’s more anecdotal and I kept wishing he had more verses to back up his thoughts because I felt uneasy thinking “I don’t know if this is what the Bible really says.” It could be confusing for new believers and even for not so new believers like me. : /

There you have it!! I hope this helps friends!! If you are looking to dip your toe into teaching on prayer I do reference some of my favorite parts of several of these books in the Fresh Start so that may be a good place to start (pun intended). BUT if you are ready to dive into some books, definitely check these out!! 

And leave a comment if you have any other recommendations! I’m excited to keep learning more on prayer and sharing more of my findings on the blog with y’all!! 

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