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August Goals

8.1.2017 • 2 Comments

Hi friends! August. I love August. We have so many big things planned. Yearly pre-orders launch! (Sign up here to get notified when we reveal the covers! 🙂 ) Launching that podcast with the twin! Our 32 birthday. (Editing this post and realizing I’m actually turning 33.🙃 ) And putting finishing touches on our new collection that will launch in September. I feel like I’ve been working for 6 months on all of this and it’s neat to be in the final stages. It’s definitely one of the hardest parts to get all the loose ends tied up but it’s extremely gratifying to see something you’ve only envisioned actually come to life. So August, I’m ready for ya!


1. Launch pre-orders well. Well means a whole list of things. That the process would be smooth for customers and they would feel loved and served through any interaction. That we’d hit our sales goals. That we’d do so with humble hearts.

2. Plan fun Saturdays as a family. Full disclosure. Our weekends have been boring lately. We put a lot into our work so planning adventures for our family takes a back seat sometimes. We tend to make Saturdays a chore day after a long week and we need a little spice in our life.

3. Meditate on verses daily. I have done this a few different months and the connection I have with Jesus in those seasons is like an old friend who is never more than a “hey God!” away. I know that God is always that close but many times I create a distance and keeping the lines of communication open throughout the day by meditating on His Word is transforming.

4. Launch giving project. We’ve got something fun planned for back-to-school for our Picot Kids. 🙂

5. Foam Roller Challenge. A customer shared three products that have changed her life recently, our journal, something else and this book. It might sound silly but knowing how much the prayer journals have changed me, I trusted this gal’s other suggestions! 😉

6. Buy gifts for friends. Lots of big events for some of my friends this month. I’m TERRIBLE at buying gifts or remembering birthdays even but I’d love to love on my friends more this month!

7. Post daily routine somewhere. I have a pretty standard list of things that I can do each day that will make for a good day. I’ve shared it here before. BUT I don’t really have an updated list posted anywhere so that I’ll actually do it. This goal is simple but I think it will make a big difference in my days!

8. Set up automatic savings. Basic and honestly, how do we not already have this set up? It’s freaking 2017?

9. Lots of grace and giggles. Get intentional about a joy-filled home. I have said it a thousand times, a house with 3 girls means emotions are always high, good or bad. I’m actually trying to read Shepherding a Child’s Heart this month so hopefully that helps with the grace and we figured out how to set up Spotify on our TV (again, it’s 2017) so that should help with lots of dancing and giggles! 🙂 Also, I’ve gotten out of the habit of doing my house prayers but I’m amping that up this month too any time I clean.


I shared a Facebook Live video called “How I schedule monthly goals” if you need help making your monthly goals actionable! Click here to watch! 

Also, If you are looking for a way to set goals and take action on them daily, weekly and monthly, check out the Powersheets! Besides prayer, this is the single biggest factor for how I’ve been able to focus my goals and make things happen over the last 3 years!


We decided to change things up this year for our giving. We are now partnering with RMI on a longterm basis to provide hot meals for two schools in Haiti for the entire school year. For most of these kids, this is their only hot meal and for some only meal of the day! 10% of every purchase made will go directly to this project so every journal you buy provides SIX meals for students!

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Comments (4)

I love your fun Saturdays goal! Sometimes I think about my list of what fires me up in my PowerSheets to help plan out more fun and joy in our weekends, especially our Sabbath Sundays. 🙂 Love you, friend!