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Behind the scenes of a book launch

6.29.2021 • 1 Comment

valerie woerner, book launch, new book, release, marketing, pray confidently and consistently, community, women's ministry, readIn October 2021, Val’s legacy book on prayer, Pray Confidently and Consistently releases. In it, she examines 15 weights that hold us back from a thriving prayer life–like the weight of perfection, control, and comfort–things she’s experienced herself and has combated as she’s deeply studied Scripture, committed to prayer, and learned from the prayer warriors that have gone before her. We believe this book, along with the Holy Spirit’s guidance, has the power to transform prayer lives from dull and distant to vibrant and intimate.

The Lord has given Val a strong passion and excitement to help our generation experience the fruit of confident and consistent prayer.

We see communities of women rising up, praying together. Not just ending Bible studies with 5 minutes of prayer, but getting together for the sake of prayer alone–knowing that prayer IS THE WORK God has called us to.

We see women coming before the throne boldly and passionately. Our desire isn’t just to launch a book, but to kick off a movement of prayer like many of us haven’t yet seen in our lifetimes.

The book is available for pre-order here, but there’s still a lot that has to happen before the release day this fall. Some of these things might not seem super spiritual or earth-shaking, but they are laying the groundwork. If you’re a hopeful author, business junky or just can’t wait for Val’s new book, we hope you enjoy this little peek behind the scenes of what our team is currently working on.


Let’s admit it, it’s one of our favorite parts of a new book coming out these days! All the goodies that you get beforehand. Have you ever wondered why this is a thing? Val opened up about that in this blog post when we launched her last book, but basically, we incentivize pre-ordering the book because they let bookstores know to carry your book (see where you can purchase PCC here!), contribute to bestseller lists, and open up future book-writing opportunities. Basically, pre-order sales get your message out further and faster!

So, yes, we want you to pre-order PCC, but we also want to say thank you for doing so. We have something amazing in mind for you… but we can’t tell you just yet until it’s absolutely for sure! Just rest assured that no matter when you pre-order, you’ll get a pre-order bonus. If you pre-order today, hold onto your receipt, and sometime around the beginning of September, you’ll be able to turn it in and receive your bonus!valerie woerner, book launch, new book, release, marketing, pray confidently and consistently, community, women's ministry, read

In addition to the secret bonus, we’ll also have an additional bonus for those of you who order 4 or more copies. We CAN tell you what that one is. It will be a comprehensive guide to starting a prayer group for ANYONE. Leading a group can be intimidating, but this will make it super simple and impactful for you and your group. We’d love to see you grab a few gals and commit to reading the book and then continuing to meet together for ongoing prayer!


If you were on our launch team for Grumpy Mom Takes a Holiday, then you know it becomes a sort of sisterhood. We keep in touch with many of y’all to this day! And our hope is to take the Pray Confidently and Consistently launch team to the next level. Our hope is that this will be our own little (200 people 😂) prayer group. We will go through the book together, have live chats with Val each week, pray together and light the fire that will start the movement of prayer that we’re praying for. Basically, we hope you won’t walk away just having participated in a launch team, but you’ll have transformed your own prayer life in the process. Expect to see applications go out in August. To be considered, you will need to pre-order a copy of Pray Confidently and Consistently!


Val’s putting her journalism skills to work creating a podcast that will spur you on this fall. Our hope is that this podcast will draw you to prayer when you’d rather listen to something in your earbuds. We know how easy it is to choose quiet prayer when there’s the opportunity for noise. So what if that “noise” acted as an onramp for prayer?? The podcast will consist of three types of episodes 1) interviews with your favorite influencers about their prayer lives 2) practical how-tos with Val and 3) guided prayers that you can listen to over and over again! The podcast will launch in August. Sign up here to get a weekly recap of new episodes once it comes out.


It’s one thing to let you guys who read our blog know about the book coming out, but in order to hit the goal the Lord has called us to (read here!), we’re going to have to reach new groups of people. Val is currently recording podcast interviews so we can reach as many people as possible come release day. If you have a podcast and would like to help us spread the word about Pray Confidently and Consistently, contact valerie woerner, book launch, new book, release, marketing, pray confidently and consistently, community, women's ministry, read


Yep, that’s right, you’ll be able to enjoy Pray Confidently and Consistently on your way to work, while you’re putting the laundry away or dropping off the kiddos. And the best part is, Val will be reading it herself!! This is a big deal y’all. Something that we’ve wished for ever since the narrator so enthusiastically pronounced Val’s daughter Vana as Vawna in Grumpy Mom Takes a Holiday. 😉 If you teachers, singers, or professional talkers have any tips, would you let Val know in the comments? She’ll be reading them later and it would be a big help because this is totally new territory and she’s slightly terrified!


You knew it was coming, right? We are praying that God will move through the release of this book. He’s given such a vision, but we know that we must rely on Him to carry it to completion. Will you join us in praying for the following?

  • For Val for spiritual protection and physical strength as she walks through the next months
  • For people’s hearts to be ready for the message of hope and challenge that this book will bring
  • For confident and consistent prayer warriors to rise up in our homes, communities and world
  • For who you might share this book with or invite to start a prayer group that can meet together and join God on mission.

Thank you for taking the time to read this and be involved in this book release that is so special to us! To stay up to date with all that is happening in book launch land, sign up for Val’s Monthly Peptalk below.

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Already pre-ordered and so looking forward to having it in my hands later this fall! Thank you, Val, for being committed to this mission of getting women to pray. Praying for you, sweet friend, as you continue moving forward towards launch day!