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Asking Questions


Book Club // Hospitality, Part 2


Happy happy Monday friends!! I have loved going through The Finishing School again with y’all. Doing the homework each chapter has helped me to not simply read the chapter and skip on to the next topic and do what I’ve done with so many other books before. I hope y’all are enjoying the homework aspect and digging into it too! It’s really where the change happens! (Join our FB group here if you haven’t already!)

A few questions from the homework:

The Finishing School - HospitalityWhat are some of your favorite memories of past gatherings? 

I shared one story of a Halloween party a few years back in the book. I started thinking of specific aspects of parties that I loved. Normally, they were intimate gatherings, like when most of the crowd has left and only a few people remain. Also, there was always a somewhat rustic element: family style dinner around the table, eating under our bistro lights outside and just a very simple meal, nothing terribly fancy or elaborate.

What things haven not worked in the past?

I underestimate how long things will take. Always. Even Vivi’s last birthday party which was super laidback, I was still running around the morning of. I’m super grateful it wasn’t her actual birthday or else I think I would have felt a bit terrible for running errands when I could have been making the whole day special for her.

The result of my frazzled prep is a frazzled hostess. I’m usually hot and sweaty when people walk through the door and wishing I had taken 10 minutes to myself to regroup so I can focus well on others.

Bonus Question : What about those people you don’t instinctively think to invite, but need your hospitality?

It might be someone new to town or church or your neighborhood. It might be someone you think is really busy that never gets invited because everyone assumes they are busy.


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IF: Table – This is the sister site to IF: Gathering all about community over the table.

Here are a few books on hospitality that I’ve had my eye on:

The Lifegiving Home by Sally Clarkson – directed more toward immediate family
Life in Community by Dustin Willis


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