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Book Club // Hospitality, Part 1


Happy happy Monday friends!! Today we are kicking off the chapter on hospitality in The Finishing School! (Join our book club group here as we read through the whole book!)

The Finishing School - HospitalityAfter watching enough episodes of Fixer Upper and House Hunters, I have learned that EVERYONE is looking for a space where they can entertain people. We love the idea of filling our homes with people we love, but many times we don’t actually make this happen.

I started thinking about this and probably over thought it a bit but I wanted to give this challenge as we read this week:

WHY do we want to invite people into our homes? 

I am refreshed, challenged and stretched from time with friends. I am an introvert so honestly, I can’t hang out every night like my husband probably could BUT the times I do get with friends do me so good!

What do we want them to feel when they leave?

Even as we were looking to buy our home, I thought about the feel I wanted for our family and our guests. The words peace and joy (which are the heart and soul of my mission when sharing content here or on Instagram) are the things I wanted people to feel.

I also have to give this disclaimer:

Don’t over think hospitality friends. You don’t need to be Martha Stewart. If you set up those expectations, you will fail and miss out on opportunities to love and serve your friends. My definition of hospitality has gotten very simple. You’ll learn in this chapter how much I over thought things in the past and how I wasn’t really the best hostess I could be for guests. Starting with these questions above has really helped me make better decisions when it comes to hospitality. Last night my sister and friend came over after dinner. It had been a long day and truthfully, if I had tried to even make snacks or offer to cook dinner for them, I would have probably bailed or overstressed myself and fallen asleep on the couch as my closest friends know I’m in the habit of doing. Instead, I offered them water and tossed a bag full of dark chocolate kisses on the coffee table. It was simple, I didn’t doze off from exhaustion even with a month old’s sleep schedule and the conversation was good, and that’s what mattered most!

I’d love to hear, what do you want people to feel when they leave your home? 


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