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Asking Questions


Calling all book club leaders!


As Grumpy Mom Takes a Holiday launched, we got a lot of requests for an online book club. And while book clubs are totally our thing, something about it just didn’t sit right. You see, we knew that in order for the message of Grumpy Mom to really take effect, it needed to happen in real life community! So, we came up with something just a little different. 😉

We’ll be hosting a 7-week FB group called MAKE WAVES for those who are interested in leading a Grumpy Mom Takes a Holiday book club. We’re going to guide you through the book and give you all the tools you need to totally prepared stepping into your own group! Although FB Live meetings with Val will officially begin June 4 at noon, we’d like to invite you to join the Facebook group now! Feel free to post any questions you’d like us to cover!

CLICK HERE to enter the FB Group and once you’re in, you’ll find some instructions on what to do next!

Please understand that this is for those who will be LEADING a book club and not an actual book club hosted online. We may do one of them in the future but for now, we’re excited to support y’all as you join in community with those IRL relationships! 🙂

If you’re ready to hit the ground running, here are some graphics for you to use as you begin to invite gals to join your local group.  With the Insta-stories graphic, try using the question sticker so that people can let you know they’re interested!

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