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Choosing Joy

12.7.2012 • 1 Comment

Happy Friday everyone! Today I wanted to talk about one of my favorite words. 

JOY! : )

As I was trying to figure out a fun little gift to send with holiday orders, I truly wanted to represent Val Marie Paper. Even something as small as an ornament can either water down your message if it’s something that has no relevance to you or further communicate the passion and heart behind your business. Choosing the word joy was no accident. It’s one of the three words that I try to base my life’s mission around. It’s my iPhone wallpaper. It’s  why I chose the word enjoy to end each blog post. Just like I chose the word joy, I’ve got to CHOOSE JOY. I could be having a rough week, wake up in the morning and be reminded, “Hey Valerie, you know you’re choosing to stay pouty.” It’s amazing what happens when I realize I can simply CHOOSE JOY!

Now joy is different than happy. Joy comes despite circumstances. It can be peaceful and calm. It doesn’t have to mean you are inappropriately giddy during devastating times. It can be simply resting in knowing that, though you have every right to be sad, you know that won’t fix your sadness.

I am not a naturally giddy, squeely type girl. I’m an introvert that sometimes has trouble conveying my joy. It’s always been my prayer that people will still see joy in me. If you are receiving our ornament this year, I hope you will be reminded to CHOOSE JOY and know the joy you have brought me!

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I love the simplicity and heart in your writing and am blessed by your friendship. I always enjoy your writing and your company!