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Christmas List Printable

11.22.2013 • 1 Comment


I hope y’all have been enjoying this wonderful holiday season! I can’t believe

Thanksgiving is next week! I’ll be sharing a few thanksgiving related posts next week but wanted to blog a fun free download for all you early bird Christmas shoppers!!

Tyler and I are the WORST when it comes to planning ahead for gifts and normally end up doing most of our shopping on Christmas Eve. I blame it on us both being business owners and having so many loose ends to tie up before the holidays. This year though, I’m armed with my handy dandy Christmas list and I thought I’d share it for y’all to use as well!

Getting things done is ALWAYS easier when you have cute stationery to write on right?

I wanted to create a list that was a bit more detailed with space to put ideas. And if you are like me, I think most of the world is, you’ve got a certain amount you can spend. The box is you’re place to put your limit. I like being able to visualize this because it helps me to be realistic with my money. If all my ideas are clearly not within my budget, I’ll run out of my Christmas budget before I get everyone’s gifts!! There is also tracking for what you have left to do!

Let us cross a few things off your list to get you started! Our prayer journals make the perfect gift or stocking stuffer!!


Download a PDF of the Christmas Gift List, grab a bowl of popcorn and some hot cocoa, light that Mistletoe candle and put on some Christmas music and enjoy!!


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Comments (2)

Love this! I’ve been wanting to make one myself but haven’t had the time. Thank you! 🙂