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enjoythejourneyThese words have shown up repeatedly as I’ve read this week. And when something is repeated over and over, you kind of get the message that it’s important for you to hear. It’s such a simple message but one I forget a lot.

There are always goals before me and milestones I can’t wait to reach. It’s easy to get antsy and feel behind when all we want is that goal. The opposite is true, it’s easy to feel content and happy when we are looking forward to the actual process, not just reaching a milestone.

Passion and contentment are not mutually exclusive. They actually need each other. Sometimes, I feel like I’m spinning my wheels trying to reach something. I’m trying to move so fast that I end up going nowhere and feeling quit discourage, which inevitably leads to me losing my passion.

Whatever goal has you spinning your wheels today, feel free to just enjoy exactly where you are. No rushing for the weekend or 5 o’clock. No rushing to vacation or the launch of your next project. Enjoy the to-do list or the phone call. Your first cup of coffee or your wait for an oil change.

Enjoy! : )

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