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I am on the biggest health kick of my life. I’m finally understanding my relationship with food. That sounds pretty dramatic, but it’s true.

This past summer, I read I Quit Sugar by Sarah Wilson. (See my highlighted notes here.) I found myself driving down the road running errands craving chocolate, like real bad. I just kept thinking, “if I can just get a little bit of chocolate to satisfy this craving, I’ll be fine.” I pretty much sounded like a serious addict.

Anyway, not even a second later, I realized how silly that sounded. I remember reading in I Quit Sugar about how eating processed sugar only fuels are cravings for MORE sugar. It doesn’t even quench it.

In that moment, I realized, if I’m going to get rid of this craving, it’s not going to be by stopping for chocolate; it’s going to be by saying no and basically starving the craving of sugar.

I think the same analogy can be used in our drive to find something in life that satisfies us. Because normally, the things we try, only make us crave satisfaction more, simply because they are things not designed to satisfy. You know, like all that leafy green food?

The lessons God teaches me from an uneaten piece of chocolate!


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