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Fave Wrapping Resources & Gift List


giftwrap1So some of you over achievers have already ordered something for everyone on your list! If you haven’t, might I recommend our journals?? 🙂 Today is the last day to get $5 shipping on all orders on top of our $3 and $4 discounts off each when you order 3 or more! Shop here!! Also, here is our gift list PDF if you need help brainstorming and keeping track of gifts!

For those of you who are ready to break out the tape and bows, I thought I’d share some of my favorite resources for wrapping your gifts! My design brain loves coming up with a cohesive color palette or theme for wrapping, quite different from my mom’s method of whatever paper was in her hand when she gave up trying to pick the perfect one. (Love you mom!!) Now that we’ve got little Vivi, I’m trying to also incorporate some kid friendly stuff too. (I held off as long as I could! 😉 She saw some penguin paper that she absolutely loved so we are rolling with the colors from that one, red and black and white.

If you bought journals as gifts, you might find these tips particularly usefule! I love including packaging that is sort of a gift in itself especially if you want to make it a bit more special. Since the price point is $15 or $11 depending on how many you buy, adding a bit to the packaging can be inexpensive but really add a lot to your gift.



21504867BOXES – Here’s why I love boxes. Us girls seem to love getting boxes we can reuse somehow.

Journal Box
Large Box (I bought a few of these!)

RIBBON – I’m a ribbon snob. I’m a natural kind of girl so I love cotton ribbon.

Striped Ribbon (Seen in my packaging photos)
Metallic ribbon (I think this might be the best metallic ribbon I’ve ever seen!)
Cotton ribbon (I have been using these for years for VMP)

stamped-clay-mitten-and-stocking-ornamentsORNAMENTS – Years ago I had these joy ornaments (pictured below!) made for client gifts. I had some left over so they now hang on our tree. They are some of my favorite ornaments because they are so simple and sweet. I love the idea of adding an ornament to the ribbon when packaging for and extra special touch!

Clay Ornaments (order some similar here)
(Or for you DIY lovers, you can even make your own to save!)
DIY clay ornaments 1
DIY clay ornaments 2

CARDS – I am terrible at including actual cards but this year, I thought it would be fun to include a thoughtful note from the heart!

Salt Stains (I love everything Yuris creates so it was no surprise I loved her cards too!)

What are some of your favorite resources for packaging gifts??


I also wanted to share some important details if you are planning to order journals for gifts that I am hoping will save us all some sanity!!

1. Our last day to order to receive in time for Christmas is December 15.
2. Shipping orders will not be every Wednesday but instead, as we get products in. Orders placed between Black Friday and Dec. 15 are guaranteed to ship no later than Dec. 16. If you need your package well before Christmas Eve, please leave a note with that date.
3. All packages will ship Priority now through Dec. 15 so once you receive tracking confirmation, you can expect your order in 2-3 days however, we are not responsible for USPS delays. In an effort to avoid this, we are shipping all packages Priority (they really do make these a priority over First Class!) and we have a very early cut off date.
5. We cannot cancel orders if you missed the coupon code space so please order carefully! On the customer info page of the ordering process, on the right rail underneath your items purchased but before the total, there is a blank that says Discount. Fill in and click Apply and the discount should be reflected in the total.
6. The 4 weeks between Thanksgiving and Christmas are super intense for us! In an effort to savor the season, we will be out of the office from Dec. 22 – 27 and unable to answer any emails. This includes tracking packages or adjusting any orders received. Because of this, we strongly urge ordering well before our final date.
7. To help us get orders out as quickly as possible:
– Double check shipping address before finalizing order.
– We are happy to include a short note (1-2 sentences max) if shipping gift directly.
– Check the shop FAQ’s before emailing any questions!


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