Favorite Goal Planning Resources

IMG_9525If you have read The Finishing School or have seen all the tools that can come with it, y’all know I am all about making sure we set ourselves up for success. Even the best of intentions can fall flat because life gets busy.

I wanted to share some tools that have helped me to make intentional goals and help me make them a reality.

1. Make it Happen Book + Powersheets 

These go hand in hand, and I mentioned the book yesterday but if you don’t know where to start or how to even make good goals, this book and goal setting tool will help. I think the Powersheets are close to selling out if they haven’t already so definitely check out Lara’s blog posts this week because she will be sharing some of the content there! 

2. Day Designer Planner 

I have used this planner for two years now and love it but this year I’m taking it to another level. I have set my goals using my powersheets and am literally putting things on the calendar right now so that my goals don’t get overshadowed by the urgent. One of my goals is a weekly call or visit to my grandma and I’ve added that to the calendar. It’s also amazing how freeing it is to know I don’t need to simply carry that around in my brain or fear forgetting!

3. She Works His Way

Michelle Myers has a member site full of great content each month to train us how to work in such a way that God is first, family is second, and our job is third. She is a highly motivated person and I always leave her site inspired. Every month she and her husband share a video together and these have blown me away. The latest was on stewardship and finances and the one before that was on goal setting. I’ll share more about what I learned from the goal setting video later this week because it totally impacted my process! If you are looking for something to keep you motivated on an ongoing basis, this is it! Check out her periscope videos if you are on the fence!!

4. Paper & Oats

For any organization goal, it’s so easy to get stuck in not know how to organize. Kelsey has made it simple! She has worksheets to help you organize household chores, finances, health and garden planning. She also just came out with one for business owners that is really extensive!

5. Prayer Journal

Every month, I put each of my monthly goals in the personal section of my prayer journal. If I’m not praying about my goals, I can tend to keep them mine. When I pray about them, I’m surrendering them to the Lord’s plan and acknowledging that the only way I can do anything is through Him. This also keeps my goals on my mind throughout the month which actually helps me take action on them too. (If you wanted dated order now! We’ve got 12 left!)

Goal Setting Series:

Monday – What I read in 2015
Tuesday – My favorite resources for goal-setting
Wednesday – My Word for 2016
Thursday – 10 Goals and Verses for 2016
Friday – Books for 2016

And don’t forget to check out Natalie’s goal setting series too!

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  • Thank you for always sharing such great resources! In the power sheets I actually listed your blog as one of the resources I’ll be using in the year ahead. We’ll welcome our first sweet babe a week after you have your second and I’ve poured over your “the first two weeks” post.. so much wisdom and I’m excited!! Thank you!! XO

  • Valerie!! I am so excited!! I have my powersheets workbook + a prayer journal AND a gratitude journal AND Prayers for The Dreamer & Doer (SOOO GOOD) to kick-start 2016. Thank you for your wonderful blog and products. I am on my 2nd gratitude journal, and this daily practice has truly changed my life. I love these posts to help us get intentional and focussed on our goals and especially on our God. xo

    • Aw Julia! That is awesome! That gratitude thing is noo joke!! I haven’t had much quiet time this past week so this morning I wrote a bunch of things I was grateful for over Christmas and it definitely starts your day off right!

  • All of your resources are so wonderful!! I ordered my powersheets this year and am so excited to start putting my monthly goals inside my prayer journal! The prayer journal, gratitude journal, and field guide to marriage set have changed my prayer life so much, I can only imagine how wonderful 2016 will be when I start praying over each goal! Thanks for sharing such wonderful resources!