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Favorite Posts of 2013

12.29.2013 • 1 Comment

Today I thought I’d wrap up the year in blogging by sharing some of our most read posts of the year!! I have LOVED blogging this year about so much more than just weddings and stationery! And you have too, it seems! : )

Please feel free to email me things you’d love to hear more about!! We are going to kick off the year with a big three week series called FRESH START. All about setting ourself up for success in twenty fourteen! : )

Find the links below the graphic to each post! In no particular order…


1 . Risk & Rest: A Challenge | 2. Vivi’s Birth Story | 3. Being an Entrepreneur 
4. The First Two Weeks | 5. Finding Motivation | 6. The Art of Waiting
7. The Prayer Gene | 8. The Truth about Wedding Planners 




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Comments (2)

So glad you recapped these. Reading and re-reading today as I reflect on 2013. So excited to see what you do in 2014!