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Fresh Start : An Inspiring Space

1.14.2014 • 4 Comments


Where you work can definitely kill the creativity or inspire it. Now that we’ve created some white space to play with, Rhiannon, of Hey Gorgeous Events, is here to share photos from her inspired home office in Western Michigan and tips for creating our own creative space. She is ones of the most inspiring event planners and floral designers in the biz and her space is just as inspiring!!


1) Desk placement is key! Try putting your desk near a window or in a place in your office where you get direct sunlight. Natural light instantly lifts your spirits and allows you to feel happy and inspired. Even better, if you’re lucky enough to have a pleasant view (like of a park, a neighbors manicured landscape, a lake, your back yard, etc) your work day will surely go by quicker than having a desk view towards say a wall or an alley. If you don’t have a window in your office, try putting your desk in a position where you back is against a wall, furthest away from the entrance to your office. That way you can feel open to visitors, or at least the one opening that leads in and out of the room. Oh and without a window, you probably need some lamps and lights in your office too. Invest in natural light light bulbs wherever you need a light source. They make the difference while allowing you to stick to reasonable business hours (assuming you work say, 9:00 am – 5:00 pm).


2) Minimize the clutter! Clutter on your desk distracts you from your work. Piles of stuff on your credenza often gets forgotten. To do lists and sticky notes stuck everywhere and anywhere look important but they rarely get done. Try and find an office system that not only helps you to stay organized but that looks organized so when you come into work everyday you feel ready to get down to the good stuff; it’s a cycle really! I love my IKEA bookcase with cardboard boxes for things like stationery, tags, markers, paint, glue, tape and the list goes on. Even better, despite this system being fairly organized to begin with, since it’s in my closet I can keep the doors shut, further shutting out any risk of getting distracted from boxes of materials I can’t do my job without. Same goes for to do lists and sticky notes if you’re the obsessive list making type. Make it a habit to save passwords and little notes in a journal you can stash in a drawer or in your planner. And give yourself ten minutes at the end of the day to cross off all the to dos you have for that day while making a fresh list for the morning (and if crossing off your to do’s is proving to be repeatedly impossible make a smaller, more attainable list for yourself). Leaving your office on a good note makes your next work day easier.


3) Surround yourself with things you love! This is a no brainer. If you love Yankee candles, buy a few in the same scent of course, and light them in the morning and afternoon of your work day. If you work well with music, find an inexpensive iPhone dock and plug in your phone near your desk so you can work to a Pandora station of choice. If you’re inspired by the color purple and feel a sense of calm when surrounded by it, paint your office purple and find a lampshade or office chair or photo frame in that hue that can not only look good in your space, but have a purpose that impacts your work in a positive way. If Thank You notes from past clients serve as reminders for why you do what you do, display some favorite ones so when you walk into your space your fired up and ready to go! Don’t be afraid to decorate your office in a way that represents you and allows you to feel you’re very best. Because when you’re at your best, it’s a win win for your customers and family.


12This post is a part of the FRESH START series. A three-week series to get you ready for 2014. Each week will have a different theme, mind, home and body. 

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 Photos by Harrison Studio

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Comments (7)

I love these ideas! I’ve been playing music and using candles more often and they really bring delight into my space. Simplifying and getting rid of clutter has made a huge difference too!

Yes! If you haven’t checked out her instagram, it’s a must! Little daily nuggets of inspiration. ; )