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1000thanksIt’s been so busy here, today I am hoping to slow my mind down a bit and truly think about what Thanksgiving means to me and all the things I have to be thankful for. I remember a post I wrote on Val & Words about a book I was reading at the time.

I am currently reading 1,000 Gifts (thanks to Lara‘s recommendation!) and have been blown away by the way it has already changed me.

Here was a note I wrote to myself on my phone Friday night.

“What an amazing and unorthodox way to live?! If I truly find blessings in every day, every day is a good day. I’m laying here after waking up and reading 1,000 Gifts this morning. It’s changed the way I looked at my day and it’s literally 2:23 in the middle of the night and I can’t sleep because I keep thinking how amazing today was. And guess what? Nothing special happened. I worked from home all day. Didn’t put on makeup or even real clothes. Tyler got home with pizza for dinner. We ate. Read. Picked up chai lattes from CCs. Went home to organize my office for a few hours and here I am. Unable to sleep because of giddiness. What a difference mindset makes!”

The back story. Ana Voskamp writes about finding gifts in even the most mundane things. She references a really cool concept called Eucharisto.

If you are ready to see every day through eyes searching and finding all the gifts around us, I challenge you to read 1,000 Gifts! I’ll definitely be sharing my highlighted notes here when I finish, but think this book is worth the full read! Update: Notes are now available!

Ana journals her daily gifts so I thought I’d create a free printable for y’all to go with this amazing but so obvious (why didn’t I think of that!) idea.

There are four cover colors available. Click on a color to download your PDFs, print, cut in half and tie with a pretty ribbon or put in a binder. Below are a few I made!

Black | Capri | Clay | Bermuda 

Acknowledging all those gifts are a way to say thank you for them. This week, I’m working extra hard on thinking of my 1,000 “thanks.”

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!! Saying prayers you all have relaxing and rejuvenating time with family and friends, and few awkward family moments. ; )

I’ll be posting Friday about a special deal we will be having from Black Friday – Cyber Monday so check back then if you’ll be shopping from the comfort of your flannel pajamas!!

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