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Goals // April

4.2.2015 • 3 Comments

photoHappy April y’all!! The Woerner family has not been off to a great start. I had to pause typing that sentence for a coughing fit. 🙂 It’s been a mess in our house. I feel like the Lord is teaching me so much as I work on this book and each experience is allowing me to put what I’ve learned into practice.

March Goals: 

10724258_660510294054934_431546317_n1. Write down and practice beauty regimen. I still use the same products I did when I was 16. I know I need to start taking better care of my skin. Developing this habit is my goal this month! I did this!! I have no idea how long this will stick but so far I am liking the new routine and products. I will share soon! 
2. Work on researching and writing content for new journal and pray about it. Super excited for this. It’s amazing what God is pressing on my heart, things I honestly wouldn’t have thought of on my own. This has turned into a book (more details here) and things are moving along quickly! I have signed a contract with a sweet self-publisher, the one same one Jen used for 31 Days of Prayer for the Dreamer and Doer. 
3. Spend intentional time marketing the journals and sharing our charity for the month. I have hated marketing in the past because I always saw it as fake and salesy. I know it doesn’t have to be like that so I truly want to market VMP products with a pure heart and in the right way. I did this a bit and got prepped for Mother’s Day, Father’s Day and Graduation! 
4. Write down and practice financial routine. Similar to number 1, I want to know what I need to do each month and have it laid out. When to move money into savings, when to pay certain bills. I can be a bit haphazard when it comes to these things! Yes! We met through skype with Will Ray about our finances and have a good plan mapped out for the future. I also figured out a good schedule for making payments that fits with my business finance days. 
5. Plan the next Stir with Natalie. Yes! So excited to share more info on dates and topic soon! Not yet. Might be postponing until I finish writing the book. 
6. Have at least three hangouts with friends. I need this! And I’m tired of it not happening so it’s officially on my goals list. Yes! So glad. I was so much more intentional about making this happen and it definitely paid off. 
7. Create cleaning routine. As mentioned in this post, I can tidy like a champ but don’t know how to clean, what to use or not use. I came up with the routine, but I have not actually cleaned. 🙂 I did order Branch Basics line that Natasha recommended on that same post. It seems super simple and green! 🙂 I kind of can’t wait to clean now. 
8. Read Eat Pretty‘s Spring Chapter. I loved reading this book and how it made me look at foods differently. I definitely would love a refresher for Spring! This was so good to do. It influences what I buy at the grocery store in the best way. I’m going to do this for every season and maybe more often. 
9. Create Artifact Uprising books for 3-12 months for Vivi and 2014 for our family. Cat from Green Fingerprint’s scrapbooking posts have been inspiring me and made me realize, although I don’t enjoy traditional scrapbooking, I do love memory keeping with the AU books! I sat with Vivi to look at hers from her first 3 months and didn’t realize how much I wanted them for HER to look at later too! Yes! So excited to have these done and organized. Can’t wait for them to come in. 
11055476_880299948704080_1488931718_n10. Study forgiveness and bitterness in Scripture. More on this soon! This has been so good and freeing for my heart. I am realizing how often I jump to judge. It only hurts me. This month has been eye-opening and God is shifting my heart from this. 
11. Try new fitness options. I have been trying to figure out what to do to get fitness in and thought, I am going to try 4 different options for a week each and see what feels right, which one I want to keep doing or is easy to fit in. Didn’t happen. Writing took over this month. We went for tons of walks. I also realized some of the things I was going to try just aren’t realistic for this stage of life. I have a new goal for this month. 
12. Finish reading The Fringe Hours and Prayers for the New Bride. Done! 🙂 

The Powersheets that I use to help clarify my goals has a refresher section after the first 3 months. It was so eye-opening to see some goals already accomplished and others God has shifted my mindset on. I didn’t realize my 10 goals would change so much. I may share those later!



1. Create a plan for using weights. I realized this is the most practical for my current season.
10706794_1419348565033897_1305505662_n2. Finish the first draft of the book. I don’t know if this will happen but I’d love to have the book available in the fall when we debut the 2016 design of the prayer journals. Prayers appreciated for clarity and time to write.
3. Eat healthy during book process. I normally slack during busy seasons but honestly, green juices and veggies bring so much clarity which I feel like will definitely help me write!
4. Check social media twice a day. I need this. I usually say I want to spend “less time”, but what does that mean? I know I need to be more specific with this.
5. Read Scary Close and start Prayer
6. Eat smaller portions. This was part of my clarity with the refresher too. I had my health goals all rolled into one idea and I wasn’t doing actionable things to reach that goal. I actually started doing this last week and it’s an easy adjustment to make.

That’s it. The list is shorter because the book is my big focus. And honestly, all the other goals I chose were things that I hope will help with this. Staying healthy and energized and mentally focused as well as less social media and time spent reading other works. My goal-loving self would love to have more but my margin-loving self said this is enough.

What goals do you have for April??

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Comments (3)

Very excited to read your book! An idea for book/blog – tips for organizing photos!! So many of us have years of happy memories trapped on our computers! I’d love to hear how your photobooks come out and any tips!

Thanks for sharing your goals. I love goal posts.
I have always had monthly goals, but never anything written down to keep me accountable. Since I have started, it has been life changing. I have yet to complete all my goals for a month, but I am accomplishing more.
Thank you for sharing your goals. Good luck with writing.
God Bless.

I love how thorough and intentional your goals are! And I am cheering you on as you continue to write your book!!

I’ve shared my April goals on my blog –