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Goals // August


august1922068_1444025202524218_528725973_nHello August!! It’s hot as heck here. We’re getting settled in our new house and LOVING it!! We’ve spent plenty of time by the pool and taking walks. And working on a *few* goals. ; ) Here were my July Goals:

  • Move and unpack. This is a pretty time consuming goal for this month, so I’m keeping my list simple! We did the bulk of this REALLY quickly seeing as how we don’t have a TON of stuff. Yay! It’s all those pesky small things that we’ve still got to do. Eventually. 🙂
  • Listen to worship music in my car without distractions of phone. Yes! I’ve definitely gotten better about this. In fact, I had a pretty cool revelation during one of the songs and shared about it here
  • Use my ESV Bible and really dive deep into one passage a week. Yes! Much more at the beginning of the month. My brains has been blocked from exhaustion and I can’t help but feel Satan is using my weariness to keep me from focusing. I’ll be working on this a little harder next month. See below!
  • 10520399_329999367152358_10799104_nStick to new house budget. Oh gracious. What’s a budget?? It’s been so difficult to not spend money. We’ve had several unexpected expenses, things breaking, etc but hoping to get back on track for August! 
  • Send “We’ve moved” cards.

Here are my goals for August:

  • Finish Eat Pretty and read the Daniel Plan. My energy has been MUCH better this past week. I’ve cut back on grains and am eating lots of vegetables so I want to stay inspired.
  • 891424_1497908377113012_1143998267_nHost a Birthday / Housewarming / Catch up Party! Me and Nan are turning 30 so we’ve got to celebrate! : ) I’m calling it a catch up party because I haven’t seen so many people this past year and am hoping to reconnect.
  • Add 2 books to Val & Word. I’ve got like 10 books to add so I need to get to adding!
  • Finish B-School changes for VMP. I learned a ton from B-School and haven’t been able to implement much yet. I’m hoping to finish it all before our new collection and 2015 journal edition launch in September.
  • Complete 2 photo shoots, for wedding collection and prayer journals.

What are your goals for August?

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