Goals // July

IMG_5482Hello Second half of the year! Can you even believe it?

The last two months have been a blur of designing the new collection and I didn’t even share goals last month. Here’s to a fresh start! My goals for July:

1. Wrap up our small group study on friendship. This group has been such a blessing to me!

2. Visit Memphis. Top priority for me and Vivi: visit the zoo. Top priority for Tyler: delicious barbecue. Recommendations welcome!

11249822_440335359478154_1946063020_n3. Finalize all 2016 products. This means all the journals as well as the book edits and design!

4. Have adventure and down time with Vivi. I tend to sing and basically perform for this kid everyday. It certainly brings her joy and makes her a happy kid and I actually love being like this as well, but I also want her to understand the art of doing nothing. We’ve been practicing this a bit lately, like sitting on the porch eating our breakfast quietly just enjoying the birds and her spending time playing with her toys alone. She’s actually good at it. I think more than anything, it’s to teach me how to be relaxed and not feel the need to entertain.

5. Read Anything by Jennie Allen. I have veered from my 25 books in 15 a lot lately. The Lord has been teaching me so much about having a heavenly perspective and not clinging to my worldly comforts so much and this book will push me even further.

11381804_1436059230034922_866778978_n6. Take a daily prayer walk. It’s been raining so much here but I want to make sure I take advantage when it’s not raining to walk and pray. It’s good for my body and soul.

7. Plan my meals ahead of time. I love fruits and veggies but if I don’t prep them ahead of time, I choose the easy less healthy options, especially in the middle of the day. This month, my goal is to plan each week beforehand so I have my food ready and can make choices not based on my emotions but based on truth. Do you do this? If so, what method or products have been most helpful to you?

What goals do you have for July??


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  • One of my biggest goals for July is to work on expression beyond words. I had what was either a bad side effect or an anxiety attack yesterday and couldn’t speak or write for hours. The experiences left me with a hunger to praise the Lord without using words and I’m rolling with it.

    • That is very neat how God used that for you! I don’t think about doing that but the creativity alone that is needed to figure out ways to praise God without words seems therapeutic!

  • Yes, we meal plan every week and I don’t know what our eating habits would look like if we didn’t! My husband and I sit down every Saturday (usually), choose recipes for the week, make a shopping list, and go shopping. It can be kind of tedious, but then we’re done for the week and don’t have to think about it anymore! We don’t assign certain meals to certain days, but choose what will be eaten when based on the weather, what we’re feeling like eating, how much time we have for prep, etc. – but since we have a limited number of choices, it’s not overwhelming! Encouraging you!

    • Thank you!! We go shopping on Saturdays and it always seems in a flurry. I have the best of intentions to plan the trip beforehand rarely happens! I need to remember how much time it will save later!

  • I’ve been prepping meals ahead of time for the week! I’ll cut up all veggies that I can and freeze in individual bags to be used for different meals throughout the week. It’s been working out pretty well and it’s nice to be able to grab the frozen chunks of butternut squash than the rice-a-roni in the cabinet! 🙂

    • Yes! I really need to get better at doing that! I’ll buy stuff and plan to prep on the weekends and if it doesn’t happen, it never happens!! Woops!!