Goals // July

julygoalsThe second half of the year is upon us and I could not be more excited for it! Starting life in our new home, Vivi, Tyler and I’s birthdays, two beach trips, and Making Things Happen conference AND our 2015 wedding collection and prayer journals debut!

Here were my June goals:

Being sick for the whole last week of June totally through me off. I thought I’d be discouraged, but I’m just so darn glad to not be sick and to actually be able to tackle some of these goals now that I’m surprisingly fine with my list of “no’s” below.

  • 914395_497267123739706_1159764355_nClose on the house we have under contract. And I guess this means pack too. ; ) (DONE!! Closing that is, packing, an embarrassingly small amount.)
  • Finish reading Hand’s Free Mama and The Power of a Praying Wife (Nope.)
  • Create a better organization system for our home and VMP. I have totally let things slip as this season of our life has gotten busy. (Working on this! I can’t wait to share how I’ve been doing this!)
  • Learn better discipline if a few specific areas. There are things I WANT to do, but I fail to do just because I don’t think about things. I wrote in my journal a few days ago that I feel like I meander through my day taking care of the biggest and brightest fire instead of truly doing the important. (Working on this too!)10475030_601741639942058_368331148_n
  • Shoot the new collection with Catherine Guidry. (Nope! We had to postpone since I was sick. I’m so thankful we were able to postpone! It’s going to be better than planned now!)
  • Finish my 3 month barre membership strong. (Yes! Working on figuring out a new routine for staying active. Suggestions welcome! : )
  • Have fun adventure (read not stressful) in Nashville with friends. I will gladly take any advice on how to do this with an 8 month old! (Nope! Ok I’m pretty bummed about this one, but the timing wasn’t right for so many reasons and us being in town but a blessing in disguise.)
  • Look into hiring someone to take Tory’s place when Baby Walker is born. (I’ll sharemore about this soon but the position is one possibly two days a week to help package orders. Email me if you are interested. val @ valmariepaper.com) (Nope.)


Here are my July Goals:

  • Move and unpack. This is a pretty time consuming goal for this month, so I’m keeping my list simple!
  • Listen to worship music in my car without distractions of phone.
  • Use my ESV Bible and really dive deep into one passage a week.
  • Stick to new house budget.
  • Send “We’ve moved” cards.

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