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Goals // June


June already?? I seriously cannot believe we are almost half way through the year. I shared a bit about my thoughts on this here. Looking at the calendar was a good reminder that my 2016 goals aren’t going to happen with me doing the same things I have always done. I am so excited for June y’all!


13129909_1540764099558338_1342187245_n1. Be a flexible mom. From the last few weeks of posts y’all know I love routine. I feel like things have gotten pretty easy with one kid. I know the next month will be a lot about adjusting to something new and I’m praying a ton that I will be flexible, easy going and joyful in the process. We’re doing pretty good! I feel like I have to remind myself of this often because my instinct is to get frustrated when things don’t go my way but it’s been better than expected. 

2. Embrace maternity leave. Don’t over do it. I like my job so it’s hard to separate myself from it for so long but I know it will be good for my family! Yes! I was honestly shocked how little I did work-wise. After three weeks I had a good cry because I seriously love my job and find it refreshing! See #10. It was good to step away though.

3. Pray daily/Without ceasing. All this other good stuff can only flow from a heart that is focused on the Lord. Yes, but not really. Complicated much? 🙂 I still felt some distance and I think it had to do with so many distractions. I prayed but it was usually rocking a baby or with two noisy kids in the car which is why I’m excited for some silence next month!

13267606_1590252794620263_178218380_n4. Fill mind with truth. Through lots of Bible time and books. I read lots of books but not the Bible that much. I felt like I had very little deep thinking time but I’m excited to dive into Acts next month!

5. Take a daily walk. To refresh my soul, clear my head and help keep my energy up. I did this most days once I was able to walk! ; )

6. Drink plenty of water. I’d like to get ambitious and say eat really healthy just knowing it will help with energy but I’m giving myself a little grace here knowing eating whatever is in front of me might be what happens for a little while. Yep. And had lots of watermelon. 

7. Have designated no phone nursing times. I feel like it’s so easy to be glued to your phone or Netflix during those hour long, 8 times a day nursing sessions. Once we figure out some sort of routine, I’d like to have certain feeds where I either read my Bible or books like in the morning or for middle of the night feeds, I simply pray. I read a lot more than I thought I was going to but never really set specific feeds with no phone. 

8. Enjoy porch rocking. This simple life we have in our neighborhood brings me so much joy. I may not be hitting the pool or even driving around much, but I can get outside and enjoy our porch! 🙂 YES! So the pregnancy heat is officially gone and I’m cold all the time now! Going sit on my porch in the warm humid evenings was my favorite thing to do once we got both girls asleep! I’ve also been living in our screened-in porch for breakfasts with Vivi and me time when they are both sleeping. I’ve even nursed out there!

9. Pray for VMP. Instead of putting energy into a to-do list for VMP, I’ll simply be praying for it. God’s a much better owner anyway! 😉 Not so much! I prayed a little but I honestly was so busy praying for nursing, sleeping, Vivi adjusting, etc to think a ton about work. 

10. Find refreshment in creative time. I have really felt refreshed from blogging lately or working on creative projects. Although I am taking off this month, if something refreshes me like writing, I want to make sure I am including those things in my day and not being too legalistic about my maternity leave to where it actually causes me to feel drained. Yes! Books and blogging were so refreshing to me! I wish I had done this a little bit more instead of squandering their naptimes watching reruns because those don’t really refresh me. 


1. Incorporate qualities that Tyler fell in love with. This might sound like a weird goal, but I know I have changed over the last 5+ years of marriage. I would love to still be the girl that Tyler fell in love with. We both wrote lists of things we loved about the other person so I’m planning on digging that up.

13102304_1039775062727314_2021195562_n2. Make Full Engagement Plan. I read The Power of Full Engagement and was super impressed with the strategy included!

3. Practice daily silence. I talked about this the other day, but silence hasn’t really been a part of my prayers, but it’s important so I’m hoping to make it a lifetime habit starting this month!

4.  Track time for at least one week. Another book-inspired goal! 😉 I have read 168 Hours in the past but have loved listening to Nancy Ray’s book club periscopes on it and have been reinspired to track my time again! This season is very different but Nancy reminded me, every week will be different in some way that we can use as an excuse to not track our time!

13151335_1568224116810172_128182925_n5. Find new rhythm/routine for our family of 4. Now that we’ve had a month with Vana, this structured gal needs a routine!

6. Figure out a workout and yoga routine at home. I’ve lost the baby weight (although it certainly looks different!) and even a few more pounds. For Vivi, I lost all the weight the first week except for the last 5 pounds and never lost them and just started pregnancy with Vana 5 pounds higher. I don’t normally like to work out at home but I’m feeling a little motivated having actually seen the scale go down so I want to make sure to take advantage of the jump start. I’m also not really a yoga girl but I could use all the peace and calm in this season. ; )

7. Delete insty after I post EVERYTIME. My social media break a few weeks ago was GREAT! I never even thought to check it once I made that decision. I really do want to be present with the girls and think this will help.

8. Incorporate some of my 100 Dreams into my calendar. This was another goal inspired by 168 Hours. She talks about making a list of dreams so we are filling our time with the good stuff!

9. Plan content calendar for next month and actually put on the calendar. I have TONS of ideas for things I’d like to share on the blog. It’s so hard to make it happen because, honestly, it seems less important than marketing or driving sales. BUT I feel energized and refreshed by writing and I love being able to inspire y’all and share what I’m learning.

10. Finalize proofs for all new products. Father God, help me do this! I’ve got about 2 hours a day now to work! Oy! And it seems like our new collection will never be finished but there’s some good stuff coming and I’m so antsy to share them with y’all.


I have loved seeing what Diana is reading each month so I thought I’d start sharing what I’m reading each month too! (Go check her out! If you like what I share here, you will LOVE her! She’s super inspirational and definitely a kindred spirit.)

  • Sugar Crush – Richard Jacoby (My sweet tooth is so bad right now! I’m trying to “crush” it! 😉 This book is pretty technical but I’m learning a lot of good stuff so far. I literally have to read in tiny bites though.)
  • You’re Going to Be Okay – Holley Gerth (Got this on a whim during some really rough days a month or two back and am LOVING it!!)
  • Big Magic – Elizabeth Gilbert (Verdict still out for me on this one.)


We will be donating $.50 of every journal sold to Tirzah International for the month of June! I’m sure it’s not politically correct to have a favorite charity when we donate to 12 different ones a year, but this one is so much a part of my heart! The project we donate to pays for schooling and a sewing machine for women in Burundi to basically start their own businesses and provide for their family. To be a female entrepreneur blessed with so many opportunities in the U.S. and get to donate to these women is so incredibly important to me. I remember years ago writing my first check from my business for them. It was so rewarding to get to support them with my shop! Read more about Tirzah International or donate directly here.

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