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Goals // June

6.3.2014 • 4 Comments

junegoals Hi June! Holy cow, I almost have an eight month old. Vivi is growing so fast and in such a fun (and wiggly) stage. I am loving the accountability sharing my goals has provided! It really pushed me to complete some things that I was close on and quite frankly didn’t want to tell y’all I didn’t finish. Here were my goals for May:

  • Finish loan paperwork (DONE!! We have a contract signed and accepted. Next step is an inspection!)
  • Finalize 2015 Journal Designs (DONE! I can’t wait to share! And we have one other surprise that I’m hoping to keep secret until September but I don’t think will happen. ; )
  • Take Vivi for her first swim on Mother’s Day (DONE! And fun! She was skeptical at first but she made a friend with a little boy and she sat in front of him and he distracted her until she got used to the water. We’ve gone again and she loves it. Can’t wait to take this gal to the beach in August!)
  • Read I Like Giving (DONE! So good y’all. Really praying for God to reveal opportunities to give.)
  • Participate in 31 Days of Prayer and 31 Days of Scripture (S
  • Attend 12 Barre classes (Not done. Only attended 8)
  • Surprise two people with something special (Half Done! Surprised Natalie with a Not a Mother’s Day day, a How I Met Your Mother reference, at the zoo and gift. One we are saving for a little later.)
  • Design 10 new suites for the wedding collection (Done!! 🙂 🙂

Here are my June goals:

  • Close on the house we have under contract. And I guess this means pack too. ; )
  • Finish reading Hand’s Free Mama and The Power of a Praying Wife
  • Create a better organization system for our home and VMP. I have totally let things slip as this season of our life has gotten busy.
  • Learn better discipline if a few specific areas. There are things I WANT to do, but I fail to do just because I don’t think about things. I wrote in my journal a few days ago that I feel like I meander through my day taking care of the biggest and brightest fire instead of truly doing the important.
  • Shoot the new collection with Catherine Guidry.
  • Finish my 3 month barre membership strong.
  • Have fun adventure (read not stressful) in Nashville with friends. I will gladly take any advice on how to do this with an 8 month old!
  • Look into hiring someone to take Tory’s place when Baby Walker is born. (I’ll share more about this soon but the position is one possibly two days a week to help package orders. Email me if you are interested. val @

That seems like plenty for one month!! What are your goals for June??

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Comments (7)

My thoughts on “Big Magic”…. Certainly had some truth in it delivered in a way that was fresh that I had not heard before and was helpful to me. Especially the part about turning your attention to anything small you might be interested in because it is a clue and keep moving, do not perform autopsies on what didn’t work and “approach your work with stubborn gladness”. But… I also thought it was kind of new-age, the universe grants you things, idea fairies are just floating around, etc… and went really far out in that direction. I rolled my eyes a few times and kept going. Not Christian in its thinking. I felt the same way with “The Life hanging Magic of Tidying up”…. I am looking forward to your thoughts

I definitely agree Bobbie! I’ll post more of a review on Good Reads. I’m almost done. I find her to be a good writer. It’s very easy to read and I enjoyed hearing her personal stories of writing. Like her Elk Talk story but yes, there was a ton that was woo-woo that I just could barely read it sounded so silly. And to be honest, I don’t even know if she believes that. It felt more like filler to me.

have loved every post I’ve read since stumbling upon your blog over a year ago. so honest and real! love that! and love soaking up your wisdom and goals as I prepare to become a mama come October to our little man! keep it up, lady! 🙂

Great goals, Val. I have one main goal (well, two) this month – to pack up my house and pass my Spanish dance exam.

And… for what it’s worth – I think you’re doing a fabulous job with a little baby 🙂

Val, I just came over here to read your goals post and literally chuckled out loud! You’ll have to look at what I put on my June goals post:

Okay, I’ll just copy and paste it for you:

Books I’m reading this month:

The Finishing School: How One Book Nerd Began Living What She Learned by Valerie Woerner of Val Marie Paper. I am obsessed with this book so far. I don’t think I have ever “met” another woman so similar to me!

Love our mutual, unplanned June goals post links to each other. hahaha

The Power of Full Engagement definitely just got added to my book list, which is exciting because 1) I think I’ve read just about every other book that YOU’VE read, and 2) I majorly trust your taste in books. 🙂

Enjoy your minimal IG time! I love that + all your other goals!