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Goals // May

5.2.2014 • 3 Comments

maygoals924320_270816883091257_1754276696_nLet’s try this again, shall we? Last year I attempted to share my goals each month. That lasted two months. I blame it on the terrible morning sickness and lack of motivation for anything but laying on the couch all afternoon.

I am much more motivated these days, BUT I’m really trying to keep my goals focused and true to what I want to make happen this year. I am so guilty of coming up with a THOUSAND things I want to do and always feel defeated even when I accomplish big things because I barely put a dent in my unrealistic list.


I’ll share my list of goals each month and will update y’all on the past months goals to help keep me accountable.

Here were my goals for April:

  • Create a capsule wardrobe. (DONE – I have two posts scheduled for the end of the month that I’m working on to share about this process)
  • Finish taxes. (Everything is turned in and an estimate paid but not finalized! Wrangling everything for two entrepreneurs takes so much time!)
  • 1209532_224226161107389_1960955447_nEstimate new home budget. (DONE – This has been so helpful to have realistic numbers as we plan for thefuture!)
  • Create modest budget for items we will need. (DONE – We don’t want to go crazy in this area, but we don’t have adiningroom table and a few other things. So glad we have created this budget early so as we find things, we won’t just pick the first thing we find and like but will remember.)
  • Attend 12 barre classes. (I did 10 classes!)
  • Complete 5 day fast with Natalie. (DONE – This was good! 🙂

Here are my goals for May:

  • 10249340_1419385338321003_1551031230_nFinish loan paperwork
  • Finalize 2015 Journal Designs
  • Take Vivi for her first swim on Mother’s Day
  • Read I Like Giving
  • Participate in 31 Days of Prayer and 31 Days of Scripture
  • Attend 12 Barre classes
  • Surprise two people with something special (already in the works! So excited!)
  • Design 10 new suites for the wedding collection

What do you have planned this month??

Photos from my instagram! Follow me at @valwoerner



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Comments (4)

Hello Val!
I love reading fitness blogs. I saw the goals that you asked for weight routine recommendations. I have been using them and I feel such a good difference! The good thing is, you can reduce your weight with few simple steps. You can do it at your home. Yesterday I was reading this, they have suggested 7 at home fitness tips.

Checkout I have been using them and I feel such a difference! The good thing is with a few simple weights you could do it at home, no problem! If you want, I can send you a sample of what the guides look like. (So simple and straight forward and there’s a lot of science behind it) If you need extra encouragement go look on her insta…crazy results!

Hi Val! I saw in your March goals that you asked for weight routine recommendations. I love checking out the site Fit Bottomed Girls ( for workout ideas and tips! I also love the blogger of Inspiralized’s personal handle, @getinspiralized. She recently posted an arm routine that she’s trying to do a lot lately, and that may be a good resource! I should probably take my own advice and do some of these workouts myself, but hey at least I can share advice! 🙂 Good luck!