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Goals :: November



Happy November y’all!! The last week has been so fulfilling. I can’t really explain it, but I feel like I’m living my life and not just checking things off a to-do list. Each of the items below has had a significant impact on my life maybe moreso by how they didn’t pan out the way I had thought. God wants two things for us, to live a life setting goals and running the race but He also wants us to bend those goals towards Him. I found beauty in bending those goals towards Him and am pretty excited to see what He does in November too!

10731574_403430699805778_1147990545_nHere were my October Goals:

  • October challenge. My goal for this is 15 minutes a day with my journal. I will pull it out throughout my day and get a few minutes here and there, but I really wanted a solid time, even a short one, to focus on prayer. This didn’t happen everyday and I actually noticed how much less I’ve prayed for Vivi the last few months. I’ve amped it up again and am seeing how much God works when I simply talk to Him about EVERYTHING. 
  • Making Things Happen. I am so excited to go to attend this conference at the end of the month. I can’t wait to meet so many people I have only chatted with through social media. Anyone else attending?? We tried to fight through the stomach bug taking me and Tyler down, but we just couldn’t make the drive as sick as we were. I was bummed to miss, but will actually get to go in March now! Has anyone signed up yet??
  • Plan a secret project. More on this soon!! :) :) :) The STIR!! I’m so excited about this. My sister and I are meeting up this week to go over some more details. It will be very casual but we still want to make sure this night is completely God led. RSVP here!
  • Host a clothes swap. Has anyone done this? I heard this idea from one of my friends. Everyone brings clothes they want to get rid of. Everyone leaves with a few new pieces for their wardrobe and a leaner closet. We are rescheduling for next month. Getting a group of busy girls together for one night is TOUGH! However we did have an impromptu friends gathering on Halloween night that was just perfect! 
  • Work through our home to do list. Since moving, we’ve had several things we need to take care of but have put off because of work stuff. I’m hoping to tackle them this month! YES! We have been getting lots of things done. 

10787727_736816246374152_264172169_nHere are goals for November:

  • Hire a new shipping assistant. My current assistant is moving this month! For the past year, I have had two great assistants so I know this position will be hard to fill!
  • Plan meals based on my Eat Pretty book. This book is so good y’all. I learned so much and I want to make sure I’m putting it into practice.
  • Host the Stir. See God work and bring a bunch of wonderful ladies together.
  • Organize cluttered spaces and create functional spots. We moved only 4 months ago but there are already places that have become dumping grounds. I know what feels like an enormous house for us now won’t in a year if we don’t routinely organize. I’m also trying to figure out the best systems and zones for things like bills, receipts, working out, etc.
  • Stick to our November budget. We’ve had so many unexpected expenses. I know there will always be some but this month I’ve planned ahead a little better Dave Ramsey style.

What does your November look like?

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